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Make your way down to Suite Lounge Feb 1  from 8AM to 8PM B.M.F is going to be the biggest show on TV. If you’re  not prepared to read for a role come have your professional head shot taken. LET’S WORK !!! #lecheminduroi
Nothing but the best baby, wait for it 😆LOL #lecheminduroi
Nah I had to check 😆same shit bigger bill LOL #lecheminduroi #bellator
😆 the man in the lobby told me please get down they are hand made. I said Yeah ok, right after I take the picture. LOL #lecheminduroi #bellator
Dubai flow plain white T-shirt, plain white Bentley. #lecheminduroi  #bellator
May God bless you with all the things your heart desires. I’m surrounding my self with winners that’s why I’m winning at this pace. #lecheminduroi #bellator
Yo this fool can’t drive,he almost killed both of us 😳
Scared the shit outta me.  #lecheminduroi
We in Dubai they charging us too much. Fuck that I need a discount  @Saifpr you paying for this bullshit I’m going shopping. #lecheminduroi
Ok I’m your life guard tonight,so if you go too far out you’re fucked. #lecheminduroi #bellator
🤨get your mother a house first, 💎Le Chemin du Roi  Super 6 on the way. #lecheminduroi #bellator
You know this is my main man SIRE. He is a better version of me. #lecheminduroi
This is me at 15 with my man June Black. I been hustling forever. #lecheminduroi