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Fabio Zingg


Crew: @thealpinists 19 y/o passionate photographer and freelancer Based in Busswil, Switzerland [email protected] Download my presets below:

Overlooking glacial veins in the valley.
Neuschwanstein Castle playing hide and seek. When we visited the most famous tourism attraction of Germany, I didn‘t even bring my camera because I feel a lack of creativity when I‘m in famous places like this one. I tried to only focus on my #HuaweiP30Pro and create some dramatic photos with my phone. Still impressed what kind of tele shots you can get with this device. What you see here is a 10x zoom and a 5x zoom photo from this foggy morning in Bavaria. @huaweimobilech #rewritetherules #ad
If you don‘t like the road you‘re walking, start paving another one.
A morning that lasts forever. Arctic vibes in Reine.
The crested Karakara. An interesting bird species from South America which we couldn‘t resist observing during our travels in Patagonia. The crested carakara is 54 to 66 cm long, and reaches a wingspan of 108 to 144 cm. The prey includes reptiles, amphibians, and occasionally small birds and mammals. Mainly it feeds on carrion and is sometimes to be found together with vultures at larger carcasses. We could even see one which had a white goose for dinner. (Picture 4).
Lush greens and insane backyards. 
I‘ve been to Lauterbrunnen quite some times now and it never stops to amaze me. Moody series from our last trip to @jungfraujochtopofeurope with @thealpinists. Let me know which one‘s your favourite. #jungfraujochtopofeurope #ad
Craving for those summer days in my home mountains. As summer is coming very slow this year and there‘s still a lot of snow in higher regions, I have to look back on some green June memories from last year. I simply cannot wait for this! 😭
Two tiny men and burning sunset at a wonderful beach in Northern Norway.
Imagine owning a private pool in the atlantic ocean only accessible by boat. What would you do there? I think I would do a big open air techno party with my best friends hehe! Let me know your ideas for it. 🤣
Where I'd rather be sometimes when I work in the home office. Stoked and tired at the same time after a big hike up here. A warm wind goes through my hair when we set up the camp in one of the most remote locations I‘ve slept so far. Cooking pasta and great laughters with good friends fullfilled an incredible evening in the mountains of South Africa.
Crispy clean patagonia mornings. I think I lost my mind in this very moment and wished that it can last forever.
Say hello to these fluffy friends from Northern Norway.