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Sakshi Tuli❄


Let's talk over coffee? Naah! Hot chocolate please?♥️

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I am full of flaws!🙃
Victory is a thousand times sweeter when you are the underdog.✨
I am as nowhere as I can be, could you add some somewhere to me?🙃
Being the best!♥️✨
Follow your heart, but take your brain with you!🙃
Throw sass like treats!🔥
Make your vibe!💫
Not everyone deserves you!♥️
Let me be forever remembered as the girl, who did whatever the hell she wants.🔥
Innocence in eyes, wildness on lips.🔥
Just because I love this picha?🤦
Another day in this stupid world!💚
Outfit credits- @pragati_2807
Being the hottest ex, he would ever have.🔥
And that pimple gets all the credits of ruining my picture!🤦
P.C.- @simmiguptatuli ♥️
Bitches who roll their eyes and make disgusting faces when they hear my name, ilovethem!💚
P.C. @simmiguptatuli ♥️
Lets go, somewhere noone knows about us.