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If there’s a time of year to be discussing Peeps, it’s now. 💐🐥 Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s little chance you don’t recognize them as a whopping 2 million Peeps are made each year. Adweek’s @klararob dug into the story behind one of the most controversial candies of our time. Read how one innovation is responsible for making Peeps into a national thing. 🔗 in bio. (📸: @diannamcd)
Hop the Concorde—in Dallas 🤠? You bet. For one year starting in 1979, the much-admired Braniff International Airways ✈️ operated a supersonic jet to Washington, D.C. It also lost a fortune in the process. A victim of high fuel costs and airline deregulation, Braniff declared bankruptcy 💸almost 37 years ago. Adweek, which covered the 1982 demise of the legacy carrier, looks back at the pioneering airline, which promised “the end of the plain plane” with its famous Jellybean Fleet. More looking back for Adweek’s 40th anniversary by @klararob only on Adweek. (📸: @gettyimages)
Like the sudden popularity of avocado 🥑 toast🍞, CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is everywhere.
Since the CBD market shows no signs of slowing down, we thought it would be a good idea 🧠 to learn more about it. Enter: Dr. @alex.capano, chief science officer at @anandahemp. Click the 🔗 in our bio for the full explainer in our latest How S#!T Works.
From the VCR to the internet, the adult industry has been nothing but good for emerging tech, encouraging consumers to invest in new hardware and even developing different technology and business models themselves. Adweek dug into what that might mean for virtual reality.
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Hollywood tried to pigeonhole her, so @aidybryant is forging her own path. The TV star 📺⭐️ sat down with Adweek’s @jasonmlynch in between production on SNL and planning Shrill's second season—Yes, you read that right. Season 2 is coming—to talk about #shrill, reclaiming the word ‘fat,’ her path and her future at SNL. Read more only on 👀 | 📸 by @vnina, 👗by @thegriceisright, makeup by @cygmakeup, 💇‍♀️by @josephmaine
Sneak Peek: Who do you think is on this week’s cover? 👀 Check back tomorrow to find out! 📸 by @vnina
1956 | Just Think It

American companies are big on slogans (e.g., @nike “Just Do It”), often paying agencies small fortunes to create them. But rarely do we hear about the executive who produced one of the first—and did it on his own: @ibm founder Thomas Watson, with “Think.” “All of the problems of the world could be settled easily,” he insisted, “if men were only willing to think.” After the founder’s son, Thomas Watson Jr., took IBM’s reins in 1956, Think proliferated in the company culture, appearing on calendars, wall clocks and, as shown here, company notepads. When IBM debuted the first tablet computer in 1992, the name ThinkPad was no coincidence—nor, many say, was Apple’s retort of “Think Different.” -- @klararob
They entered the tournament the ultimate underdogs, but somehow the scrappy team at @aviationgin defied their 16th-seed ranking and took home the championship in Adweek’s first March Adness bracketed tournament to name today’s top advertiser 👑. The underdog beat Burger King, Coke, Nike, Google and Spotify, so we took a look at how @vancityreynolds’ Aviation Gin toppled marketing giants to win 🏆 Head over to for the full story 📝 by @davidgriner ( 📸: @diannamcd)
Remember free TV 📺? It’s coming back in a big way. Yep, you read that right. Suddenly, the retro notion of free TV—with ad loads that are roughly half of the linear average—has emerged as a lucrative 🤑 and essential component of the industry’s streaming future. @jasonmlynch gives the rundown on how ad-supported platforms are now key to streaming’s future only on Adweek. 🔗in bio for the full story. (📸 @patrickjamesmiller; illustration: Matthew Billington; animation: @yagot2believe)
Adidas just nabbed one of the world’s 🌎 most coveted celebs. Beyoncé?!? That’s right. Queen Bey 👑🐝 is teaming up with @adidas to relaunch her activewear line, Ivy Park. By teaming up with the mega star, Adidas is one of—if not the only—brands that can use her likeness in its advertising. It’s a major get for the company. Read more about the partnership and what’s included only on 🔗 in bio. (📸 from @gettyimages)
#BREAKING: Droga5, the creative agency known for its acclaimed campaigns for brands like Chase, Google, HBO, IHOP, The New York Times and Under Armour, has agreed to be acquired by Accenture Interactive, the marketing arm of international consulting firm Accenture. Accenture Interactive described it as the largest acquisition in its 10-year history. 🔗 in bio for the full story. (📸 courtesy of Accenture Interactive)