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#TBT |  1976 - Her Majesty Goes Shopping. 
On a sweltering Friday in July 1976, during a daylong stopover in New York, Queen Elizabeth decided to do as the locals do. As a lunchtime crowd looked on in awe, the smiling monarch popped out of her limousine and clomped straight into Bloomingdale’s. Threading the aisles, she admired furniture and pottery, even chancing into Calvin Klein in the fashion department. Decades before influencer marketing would become a thing, Bloomingdale’s president Marvin Traub—who’d lobbied hard for the visit—showed how it was done. Queen Elizabeth “didn’t choose Saks and she didn’t choose Bergdorf,” he later said. “She chose Bloomingdale’s.” More only in Adweek magazine. (Credit: Allan Tannenbaum/Getty Images)
Today, one of advertising’s leading lights officially hung his hat 🎩. Lee Clow—the legendary creative behind such campaigns as “Think Different,” the Energizer Bunny and the @tacobell chihuahua—has retired after 50 years in the business. As @tbwa’s creative legend retires, we tracked the legacy he leaves behind. Read more on 🔗 in bio. (📸 by @digimatized)
Some very good doggos 🐕 have reached celebrity status thanks to expanded coverage of the Westminster Dog Show 🐶. We went behind the scenes with @glowdigitalagency ✨ to find out what it takes to turn @westminsterkennelclub into a national phenomenon. (🎥 by @nickgardner)
And just like that, another Brandweek event is in the books🙌. Hundreds across the industry packed into the Grand Hyatt in NYC to hear from Challenger Brand CEOs, CMOs and thought leaders looking to challenge Amazon's vision of global consumerism. Serial entrepreneur @BethennyFrankel talked about making mistakes, @IHOP CMO Brad Haley shared how IHOB was a hit and more. Link in bio for everything you missed. (📸 by @stsphotovideo )
Challenger brands like @casper are 'redefining not only our shopping experience but our cities—and our coverage of brands, too.' What’s more, the customer experience has changed drastically in the last decade. In the latest edition of Brandweek, we look at world-altering challengers. What’s your favorite challenger brand? (📸 by @justinbettman )
SWIPE ➡️ What similarities can you spot between the first and second ad? 🤔Should be a lot. Design Army claims its 2018 Hong Kong Ballet creative (1) was copied without credit by Little Swan (2), one of China's 20 most valuable brands. “It’s OK to be inspired. It’s not OK to trace and copy and pull in stuff, then bill your client for the creative work you didn’t really do,” Design Army’s co-founder and chief creative officer said. Click the 📸 in our bio to see more images.
While the action on the field was lacking for most of Super Bowl LIII big brands came through when it counted. As is tradition around here at Adweek we compiled all the commercials from the big game and edited into the video above that is less than 2 minutes. Enjoy! (📸 by @joshochos)
Bethenny Frankel has never been afraid to get her hands dirty.
In fact, she’s actively sought out the opportunity, going back to one of her first gigs as an erstwhile club promoter: She’d throw house parties as a teenager, work at a bakery to help foot the bill and make an extra buck by charging admission.
Now, she’s built herself an empire. Find out how our cover star 🌠 @bethennyfrankel built the @skinnygirlbrand empire by trusting her instincts and staying ‘in the grit’ only on (📸 by @maslovsaslov and ✏️ by T.L. Stanley)
#TBT | What’s a wicked witch 🧙‍♀️do in retirement? Well, if you’re Margaret Hamilton—who famously played the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz—you sign a contract with General Foods to pitch Maxwell House coffee. In the late 1970s, Hamilton appeared in TV 📺 spots as Cora, the friendly storekeeper always ready with a fresh pot. By 1979, as Adweek reported in its November 19th issue, General Foods named a scholarship after Hamilton who, at 77, could still deliver a strong line like “Good to the last drop!” It’s too bad they never asked her to say, “I’ll get you a coffee, my pretty—and your little dog, too!”
As Adweek celebrates #40YearsBold, we’re showcasing work from our past each week on social. For more, visit
Just before Super Bowl Sunday 🏈, we’re throwing it back to Super Bowl V when the @colts squared off against the @dallascowboys. @goodyear sent one of its blimps to beam jaw-dropping 🤯 aerial shots like this one to Americans watching at home. Viewed from a thousand feet up in the Miami sky, the 🍊Orange Bowl’s gridiron looked green and pristine that day, but many didn’t know that the grass had recently been replaced by Poly-Turf. The first Super Bowl played on artificial turf was so full of errors that fans would call it the “Blunder Bowl.”
(📸 courtesy of @goodyear)
⚠️ UPDATE: ⚠️ We’re moving to a bigger venue! Brandweek Challenger Brands will be held at the Grand Hyatt New York at Grand Central Terminal, NYC from Feb 6-7. A new batch of tickets have just released, but hurry – they’re selling fast. Secure your spot now!