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💦💃pic by @saraoneillartist
What a morning! Castlerock doing its thing, no one around 🌅😊 #sunrise
I’ve known these two for five years now, I’ve no idea where the time has gone we have done so much together (except get round to getting married). I’ve lost count of the places we have been and the things we have done, mostly involving, like this picture, eating! Two’s company, three’s a team 👊🏻⚔️👫🐕
This flame haired little Viking child is Kris!  Kris is the main character in my latest book Confident Kris (Overcoming Anxieties with Strength and Confidence). Little Kris is a Viking Child from a tiny village called Unstad in the beautiful Lofoten Islands in Norway.  Kris’s Mother and Father rowed and sailed their boat all the way to the North Coast of Ireland where they set up life in a cove by the sea, in The Black Glen, to the west of a small village called Castlerock.  Kris has faced some incredible challenges in the first 9 years of life.  Kris has a very strong sense of identity and has a specific routine to develop Strength and Confidence every day.  One of Kris’ motto’s is “DEVELOP YOURSELF, THEN BELIEVE IN YOURSELF” and there is no doubt it works for Kris! Kris lives life by a set of guidelines which promote life’s real values and offer structure. I will let Kris take up the story from here…

I am STRONG, I am CONFIDENT, are the words I live by.  But they are more than just words to me!  It takes more than just a few words to truly feel strong and confident.

I explain how with just a few minutes every day I earn STRENGTH and CONFIDENCE and use them to conquer fears, worries, bullies, gain knowledge, mental and physical fitness and share kindness.

Strength and Confidence open my life up to countless opportunities and experiences I may not have gained otherwise.

Life can be tough, but I am tougher.  I live life by my own motto… “I AM KRIS THE VIKING, I AM STRONG, I AM CONFIDENT”

The book comes with Motto Cards which has one of kris’ motto’s on one side, and a space on the back for you to write your own to carry with you.

The book also comes with Confident kris’s Little Black Book of Affirmations which is a small blank book for you to fill every inch with positivity.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Lilia Martynyuk

The book is available with both a male and female Kris.  Female Kris is a little late getting ready for sale, but she will be along in a few weeks.

A huge thank you is due to Samantha Lemon Bell, Mark Aaron Patterson and of course Sara O’neill. 
The book is available in the link in the bio on my profile. #iamstrongiamconfident
This bag has my name on it 😂💪🏻
Just smuggling my German friend across the border before #Brexit . We made sure not to wear bright colours.
Organic beard farm 🦁
Repost. I was lucky to have been one of the crew in the early days at Nazare so I know what it was like to be out there with just three of us and only a couple of people on the cliff watching. If you are in Portugal on holiday at Easter or in the summer go check the lighthouse out. It displays around 30 boards and plaques from big wave riders around the world that pioneered the gigantic waves here. I’ve said it before but it needs said again as so often the media and others don’t give credit where credit is due, the surfers are only part of this place, the local council and city hall guys are embracing this natural phenomenon like nothing else on the planet. They have created an amazing attraction to go alongside the attraction of the waves and they fully support the growth of the area and the waves. It’s incredible. A lot of tourist agencies could learn a lot from them. There is a solid crew of Portuguese surfers and body boarders there who charge in all conditions. I hope one day one of them will ride the biggest wave in the world, it is theirs after all.  If you are going to visit it’s about an hour north of Lisbon and about 3 and a half hours north of the algarve on a great road. I’ve been lucky to have spent a lot of time in all of Portugal since I was a kid and I remember the horrendous roads on the west coast but all that has changed now, you can be in Nazare very easily on great high ways. Well worth a visit. My board is on the wall as soon as you go in the door on the left next to Lucas Chumbo and Axi Munian. I strongly advise if you go to visit there do not attempt to go surfing unless you are a very experienced big wave rider it has energy that will blow your mind. 
Repost from @praiadonortenazare using @RepostRegramApp - “Crês que és um surfista de ondas grandes, até ires à Nazaré.”
@al_mennie está representado no projeto museológico “Surfer Wall”, em exposição permanente no Forte de São Miguel Arcanjo.
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Out for some ankle snappers with Mr World before dark 🏋🏻‍♀️🏄‍♂️
Ice tunnel 🦁🦑🐙💦
Repost from @theoceanriderspodcast . talking about all sorts from surfing as a kid, surfing Mavericks for my first time in 2003, early days in Ireland, early days at Nazare in 2010, books, fear, self defence, life and sculpting time to be able to be in the water as often as possible, and a few other things....if you click on @theoceanriderspodcast and then the link in their bio you can listen from your phone. It’s an hour of me whispering sweet nothings in your ear 🤣🚀 .
Repost from @theoceanriderspodcast using @RepostRegramApp - “It’s almost indescribable. You’re a complete sitting duck. Again that deathly calm comes over you, it’s the acceptance of the situation, and you just kind of go with it and get absolutely hammered!” ~ Al Mennie .
Al Mennie @al_mennie sharing his advice on fear management and sharing some big wave  tales. Tune into episode 15 of The Oceanriders Podcast for more. .
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10 years still grumpy looking 😂
.pic by @saraoneillstylist
A different morning compared to yesterday! 🌅🦁🦑💦
That was a wild morning 🦑💨💦
.If you have read my book you know what’s going through my mind ❤️
.picture by Hanno Windisch 🇩🇪
Castlerock sunrise is on roids this morning 💪🏻🌅
.pic by @photomcq1