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A little something for you — “Raise a Man”

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Today 15 Millieee of you beautiful souls brings one of my faaaaavorite #AnitaBaker songs to mind!!! Side note: Omg I love her, check my story!! Dedicating this song to you and sending love & light to infiltrate your space!! 💜💜💜
This song, “Raise A Man”.
Wouldn’t the girl who wrote “a woman’s worth” and “superwoman” and “girl on fire” be the person to raise a man?

I feel so blessed to raise MY boys

I love every part of it...
The crazy rowdy times and the many times that I have to break down the stigma and the old ways of thinking about what makes a man a man.
I love how different they are from each other and how much they teach me.
I love the patience I have to muster and the ways I have to check myself so I don’t keep teaching them old habits that even I’m still trying to learn to break. 
So how about you? There are SO many ways that this song can be interpreted. I have more to share but for now tell me your story.... 👉🏽 #RaiseAMan (check my story ❤️❤️❤️)
The energy I feel is electric ⚡️⚡️⚡️ We connected on another level!
This song is about real love and the more we love each other, the more we lift each other up. I love the meaning of these lyrics. 
Dive in... what do they mean to you??? (Check link in bio for this new viiiibbeeee💜💜💜) #outnow #raiseaman #reallove #iloveyou
📝 📝 📝  Sending you love
Me and my sis @iisuperwomanii having a ball! Oh and I just watched my IG LIVE ... Thanks for “finding” my phone last night 🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂. Thanks for keeping the energy up!!!
I feel ultimate gratitude and deeply supported AND LOVED by these women @jadapinkettsmith @michelleobama @jlo @ladygaga .. The desire we all felt to share our support for each other and for everyone a part of last night was so real and so genuine. I’m OVERFLOWING!!! ✨✨✨❤️❤️❤️ #aboutlastnight
Tonight was such a musical night I decided to drop a new vibe & have some fun with y’all!!!
You might wanna go watch what I’m bout to do on the Grammys…. RIGHT NOW. #ClubKeys #HazelScott