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A certain darkness is needed to see the stars.
#shotsbybee #wheninbaler
six : zero two a.m.
#shotsbybee #wheninbaler
I think it’s important to remember we are fragile meat-suits wandering around a sphere circling a sun in the middle of vast and ever-expanding nothingness. 
#shotsbybee #MVExplore
Palm dreams #shotsbybee #MVExplore #wheninbaler
I am slowly growing into the best version of myself.
I let down my walls for you, but you only made me remember why I built them so high.
Happiness is found in the most unlikely places. #shotsbybee
Wanderlust 🏖 #shotsbybee #jointhejourneyph
If you start today, you can be the person you want to be destined to be. Today, you can stop letting life happen to you. 
2018 has a lot of ups and downs but it's still a great year because of the great people I have in my life. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my life up to now especially my family and friends. I've met new people and lost some along the way but things happen for a reason. I hope everyone has a great new year! To another chapter in our life and to more adventures, to more memories, to more challenges and to more happiness! HAPPY NEW YEAR! 😁🎉
To the moon and never back. #shotsbybee
#ootd 🙋‍♀️ 📸: @kirstiebutterfield
Life has taught me to embrace my weaknesses and to welcome life’s challenges because this is my surrender. 
It’s time to forgive yourself for the people who walked away. For the ones who didn’t fight, for the ones who made you feel like you were not worthy of being loved the way you loved others.

The Manila Cathedral. #shotsbybee #wheninintramuros
This is your life and you have a huge say on how you want to run it, so follow the beat of your own heart and forget about society’s nonsensical chatters.

Stop believing that you deserve less than what you wholeheartedly deserve. #shotsbybee #ootd
A small library in Intramuros #shotsbybee #wheninintramuros