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thanks to @desusnice & @thekidmero for hooking me up with the starter kit Jordans
@desusnice and @thekidmero took me to a strip club 🍾💵💵Tonight on @shodesusandmero 💵💵💵.
Also FUUUUUUUUUUCK I’m small. 
Whatever. I like it.
Week three of jury duty face. Can’t decide if my favorite thing about jury duty is the boredom, the feeling I’m about to get yelled at, the mystery puddle outside my assigned courtroom, or how often I get it. JUSTICE IN ACTION 🕺🏻🎊
mad cheesy 😍😍. Obsessed with you @chrissiefit
Jewelry is my favorite part of an outfit. It always fits and it’s always gorgeous. The first diamond I ever bought myself was this necklace, the day that I wrapped filming on Into The Woods. It was a dream come true to play Cinderella, and I wanted to celebrate my hard work with something special and rare. Every time I wear it, it makes me feel proud. Large or small, a natural diamond is the perfect gift to myself to celebrate the times when I feel most confident. @realisadiamond #RealisRare #ForMeFromMe #Sponsored
i don’t play tag bitch i been it
When Skipper and Barbie come as a packaged set.
This dress has turned me into a monster. And then the Nikos earrings.... I mean, I hate myself.
It’s really awful #GRAMMYs
Feeling my feather vibe 🌾with the matching nails 💅🏻💅🏻 @essie #essielove #essiepartner
Grammys I’m coming for u
back on my bullshit 👄 #asc #armaniprivé