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bye for now
七つの指輪「7 Rings」♡ out now 🌪 💎
‘i think ur swell’ release party went off
these men are the faces behind most of the songs that have shaped n molded ur whole life and they came to our party but nbd (oh and savan wore glitter for me so) 🖤 #mxm (wait i have more to say. i’m so thankful for everything you’ve taught me and to be able to work with you. ily. this meant the world to me. thanks for coming and celebrating..... i’m so happy.)
five of seven 💍🖤 ‪七つの指輪「7 Rings」♡ out now 🌪 ‬
七つの指輪「7 Rings」♡ out now 🌪 💎 link in whatever you’ll find it
七つの指輪「7 Rings」♡ 🌪 💎 midnight est / 9pm pst
tonight 🌪🖤💍