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💡 🖤
i dunno where i’d be without u but it sure wouldn’t be here n for sure wouldn’t at all be this special or magical. i am so grateful for u. got to perform dis vintage gem with my best friend tonight @victoriamonet. 🌙 you are too lit, too talented and too kind. @tbhits you too. i know you’re all going to spam us with ‘DROP IT NOW’ but there’s a plan ! we promise. patience. oh and we made another one this trip too. you’ll get that one too. at some point. 🖤 i love you. SHE DA CHIIIIICOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. 
@victoriamonet @sweetener @allthingsmean
thanks for accepting my humanness. it’s super emo and difficult singing some of these songs. but you make me smile. i look like penny pingleton here. i love u and thanks. i feel your warmth up there and it helps and is greatly appreciated. 🖤
real protective wit my soullll where YOUUUUUU been
7️⃣ weeks at number 1️⃣ 🖤🌪💍🌫 ♡
7️⃣ weeks at number 1️⃣ 🖤🌪💍 thank u
days off. from the bus to the booth ..... good boys club in tow 🖤