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Wonderful “Girls Night Out” in LA last night at Takao, a big Thank You to the owner and master sushi chef Takao for the phenomenally delicious sushi... Ata, Suzanne, Wailani, Aja, and Alisha...❤️🎸🎼 🍣 🍴
Hanging with the moms @portalfromfacebook! 🌺 Beverly Tate, Sharon Lyn Chalkin, Heather van Norman, and Oracene Price 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Talofa lava i Hawaii nei! 
Even tho’ her little pebble has grown into a & son time in the Iron Paradise is still a must, as is the posing at the end of a workout! ALOHA FROM KAUAI!!! #TalofaKauai #Mom&Son #IronParadise #HawaiiNei #TheRock&ThePebble #He’sThePebble #Auoi
Thanksgiving Day surprise visitors...Alejandra, and we finally got to meet her handsome & talented sons, Nicolas & ukulele player Andre...
Last Saturday night, before I left for LA, we went to the Jimmy Buffet & The Eagles Concert in Miami.  Jimmy Buffet was fantastic!!! He took us back in time to the days of Margaritaville, Come Monday & Fins, just to name a few of his Hits! The whole show we were on our feet swaying to the beautiful rhythm of Margaritaville & then followed by the signature beat of The Eagles! 
Fa’afetai tele to a special young man, HEIKKI LARSEN @larsenheikki who happened to meet me years ago when he was a little boy growing up in Samoa & Hawaii, and he grew up to be Jimmy Buffet’s Manager! He grew up among samoan families and when we met for the second time years later, he had a certain way about him, a fa’asamoa fa’aloalo & a sense of kindness that touched me! We were his guests to the Jimmy Buffet Concert. I would say Jimmy Buffet is definitely in good hands!!! Alofa atu Heikki!!!
A welcome message to my newest blessing and God’s precious gift, my third granddaughter...
TIANA GIA JOHNSON....beautiful baby sister to Jasmine Lia & Simone Alexandra.
My 3-heart Of hearts! ❤️❤️❤️
My heartfelt love & gratitude to Lauren & Dwayne, and most of all, thank you God, from this very happy & proud grandma....
Minutes away from WrestleMania! #neworleans @simonegjohnson @saronasnukawwe
Catching up with my gucci granddaughter Simone & my niece Sarona. Hilarious time together!!!
Happy LLAMAKAH everybody & a very Happy New Year💥🎼
Woke up to a beautiful snowy Vancouver morning & my youngest granddaughter Jazzy & I couldn't resist running outside to test out how cold is the snow...and that lasted 6-seconds...'cos it's freezing...HAHAA!!!
Missing my girlz!!! @dinahjane97 @simonegjohnson
Enjoying some quality catch up time with nephew Junz visiting from Australia...
Latino grand slam party! #MarlinsStadium #FifthHarmony
🎵 Me & my girls 🎵 this Bahamas trip was so Worth It !! 😆 @fifthharmony #LoveMyDinahMite 🙈❤️
SIMONE! Happy Birthday my beautiful smart & super cool granddaughter! Seems like yesterday you were a little ittybitty...#SoBlessed #Simonealex