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Nick Bosa , @nbsmallbear, might be too polished to pass up at #1.  #BaldysBreakdowns💯💯💯
Surviving Winter: BaldysGreenhouse.  #BaldysBreakdowns ❤️🌺❤️🌸❤️💐❤️🌲
To know the history of Hawaii one must study their greatest warrior; King Kamehameha  #BaldysBreakdowns
Happy Birthday Mom; so happy you made it to 39 again. ❤️❤️❤️
Hawaii: I miss you this much already 🏄 🌊 🌈 ❤️💯. Aloha..Mahalo
Low waves; Longboards. 🏄‍♀️ 🌈 ❤️. Waikiki
Even one of the best surfers In the world, Ezekiel Lau, is on the Core Power Program
Baldys Poly Tour takes me to U of Hawaii.  In the heart of the Manoa Valley. #BaldysBreakdowns ❤️🏈
Diving, in the wild, with my favorite Dolphins. Man v Nature. #BaldysBreakdowns💯❤️💯❤️
Good day for turtles, or as the Hawaiians say, Hanu.  #BaldysBreakdowns
Big swells off Waikiki...leaving turtle cove for horseshoe reef. #BaldysBreakdowns
Kahuku High School Football has been turning out NFL players for decades. ❤️🏈💯❤️🏈💯
Wave Tracking from the North Shore of Oahu today. Will waves hit the expected 60’. #BaldysBreakdowns💯🏄‍♀️💯🏄‍♀️
Who knew how well horses can swim. Lacy from Hawaii teaches. Can be found in #BaldysBreakdowns
Iolani Raiders bringing home the bacon in girls Hawaii State Basketball Championships led by the Huntimers & Wu. #BaldysBreakdowns🏀❤️💯
Dukes; Waikiki.  Overlooked by Diamond Head
Morning Kayak to the “Mokes” before the big winds hit Oahu.
60’ foot waves hitting the North Shore of Oahu Sunday morning. #BaldysBreakdowns will be there