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Isabella Khair Hadid...and so it is 🕊 IMG worldwide

Check story of 🦋

all in a days work but even better with perfect company 🔮💫💭 some moments on film and some not, by the one , the only , the @kelmcgee23 
Ft. @gvsgvs @jordenbickham @stuart_winecoff @jenmyles and the man in the green screen suit- shout out to him too! 🖤🖤
@dior by @mariagraziachiuri for @voguemagazine directed by @gvsgvs EPIC styling @jordenbickham (backwards flannel puffer and robe moment included ) 😹 also, who knew I was good at this sport... *noted for future
A tribute to Karl wearing his last collection from Chanel, from the eyes of @gvsgvs @stuart_winecoff @jordenbickham For @voguemagazine It has always and will always be heaven in Chanel . @chanelofficial 🖤✨ + at the end you can see all of the wonderful people who made this whole production work so smoothly and so beautifully 🙏🏽🖤
The always major “collections” video for @voguemagazine !! On the last day of paris fashion week, wearing some of the most special looks of the week❤️ Each one was even more impressive and unreal in person! This was one of the best days I’ve had and I owe that to all of you : @jordenbickham @gvsgvs @stuart_winecoff @jenmyles @kelmcgee23 @laurentphilippon 
We laughed our butts off and I am so grateful for each one of you for so many reasons!!! Thank you forever ! 📣If you dare to watch- I warn you, this is the long version. 😝I’ll put up a few of my favorites but you can also look on  @voguemagazine website for more,if you please 
Music : Think High by @officialprincecharlez 📣📣
Back to dirty blonde, back to my roots ! Per @mertalas wishes 💫
This was one of the most magical days to date. The future of a digital Vogue ! @voguemagazine cover by the most creative @gvsgvs @jordenbickham @stuart_winecoff wearing @givenchyofficial ❤️I love you all so deeply. This means so much to me, and to do it with you means so much more !!! Thank you to Anna, and everyone involved on this huge production❤️ Just wow...💭
Lucky location today🖤 I love you 🇹🇷So grateful to experience places like this with amazing people! 🖤
Everyday 🖤
Heaven @versace 🔔♥️💭
My Versace campaign @ the beverly center captured by @simihaze 🖤...used to hang at sbarro in the food court here during my dad’s weekends in the city 😩 this means so much to me .🙏🏽🙇🏻‍♀️🖤
💔These photos are hard to believe and make me tear up when I look at them, but this is really occurring in the world right now.. We can not turn the other way and not pay attention to this !!!!! There are so many brutal events going on at an almost constant rate, but We CANNOT forget about all of the people and families of Mozambique , Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia this week. We have to help....It’s the only way they can rebuild and we can SHOW them that they are not alone...Not only are they in danger for their lives, im reading that 90% of the areas hit, including homes and shelters, have been destroyed. i can’t imagine how the ones affected by Cyclone Idai are feeling and how difficult it is to deal with all of this; especially having to care for not only themselves, but their beloved families as well... it breaks my heart to think about... I will be donating when I get off work today , and I hope you will too. Thank you @naomi for bringing awareness and finding ways to help. this is one of the many reasons I love you . @doctorswithoutborders @savethechildren #CycloneIdai ❤️
✈️ to another beautiful Dior day in paris @peterphilipsmakeup @diormakeup