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Drummer | Dresden Dolls| Scarlet Sails - Los Angeles

Animal sanctuary & vineyard ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
The new Scarlet Sails video for My Love is out! Watch it on YouTube, have a laugh, give a hug, and thank you for all the support🤘🏽❤️
Lil’ Cadence getting into some practice pad work! 🤘🏽😎🥁 #drumlessons #nycdrummer ☑️
New Scarlet Sails single, My Love, is available now for streaming and download!
Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, & Deezer, or download it from us on Scarlet Sails BandCamp:
#newmusicfriday #newmusicalert #scarletsailsband #nycband
My Love, beautiful new song from @scarletsailsband comes out tomorrow ❤️⏱🌞on our Spotify, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, AppleMusic - #mylove #nycband #newmusicfriday #scarletsailsband
Great fucking band. Been listening to their albums again the last few days. Joan Jett’s live tribute album, Evil Stig, with the surviving members is a thing of beauty as well. 🖤🖤💔🖤
#thegits #miazapata
@dresdendolls live at The Gov, Adelaide, Australia - Jan. 11th 2012
Photo: Matt James
Lessons with my buddy Maia Villa from L.A. who’s visiting in NYC this week! Music is such a powerful healing force- great to see people using drumming for both giddy-fun and sometimes much needed catharsis! 
Email me at 
In-person🕺🏽💃🏼 or Skype lessons available💻 
#drumlessons #dresdendolls #scarletsailsband #nycdrummer
The original CMJ Magazine clip that inadvertently brought The Dresden Dolls around the world, after it caught the attention of Dave Bason at Roadrunner Records and he then showed the video for Girl Anachronism at their A&R meeting to the giddy delight of Dutch owner, Cees Wessels. “Vould you like a, schmoke an’a pancake?”🧐
Had an awesome first drum lesson with Cadence today!  He jumped in with gusto going through stick grip, counting rhythm, and he was playing Queen's, Another One Bites the Dust, by the end of the lesson! STOKED🤩
Email me NOW at ➡️ 
if you or someone you know are looking for lessons. All ages and experience levels welcome!

Great job today, Cadence! Heard he jumped on the drums as soon as he got home.  Thanks, @chattergirlgo !
🥁🎶🥁🎶🥁🤘🏽 @dresdendolls @scarletsailsband #drummer #drumlessons #drumming #dresdendolls #scarletsailsband
Happy 2019 Everyone! Sending out lots of love and wishes for a great start to the year to you all. To get things rolling, I put together a simple new Brian Viglione Official Website to be a resource and way to book drum lessons this year ⬇️‼️ LINK IN BIO
I've sent up a specific email for booking drum lessons and music consultations, which were a joy to do this past two weeks with you, contact me at:
Newly designed MUSIC page with TWENTY FIVE different bands embedded Spotify album links to selected discography, and streaming of some rare recordings like my albums with Face of The Sun and World/Inferno at the bottom.
There's also direct links to my artist pages on the Vic Firth, Yamaha Drums, and Zildjian Company listing my gear, a Lessons sign up page, and more!

Looking forward to collaborating and working with a bunch of new faces this year. Love you guys! Happy New Year!
Yo! Thanks to everyone who signed up for the holiday drum lessons or phone call! Message me if you wanna schedule something with me in 2019! Had an awesome time today with Marc Mazique before he leaves to head home to Seattle to start up with his band again. @riding_blerdy #timetorock 
#drumlessons #dresdendolls #scarletsailsband #nyc #drummer
Slots open this Friday & Saturday for the Holiday Drum Lesson / Music Biz Consultation for reduced price of $60/hr! Getting started today and thanks to everyone who signed up so far. Hit me up here and let's set it up for this weekend!
Throwback to 2010 with at Projekt Records in Brooklyn, photo by Sarah Wilmer
Poconos. Stopped at Walmart for studio provisions. Magical Elf Jingle Slippers were spotted, laughed at, purchased, and later implemented in our operation. Leave no stone unturned in the pursuit for the perfect overdub. #seekandfind #seekanddestroy #slippers #elvenslippers #jinglebells #recordingstudio #radiatorking
Vig Holiday Drum Lesson Special - Lookin' to start off on the right foot for 2019? I'll be giving LESSONS NEXT WEEK for a special holiday discounted rate - only $60/hr, in person or on Skype. Get in-depth and personalized attention to your own style and a fresh outlook on the crazy fun and expression you get through drumming.
BOOKING for DECEMBER 18 - 19 - 21 - 22 - 23‼️
Message me⚡️Let's do it. 
#drummer #drumlessons @dresdendolls @scarletsailsband
Apparently, when I wrapped myself up in my blanky in my chilly room, @olyascarlet found yet another similarity between me and my Russian babushka alter-ego. #notsorry #imcold #iloveoldpeople #imagrandma #babushka