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Camila Nawal


πŸŽ‚β•‘3 years old πŸ“β•‘New York, NY πŸ“Έβ•‘Captured by mom

Throwback to warm weather. 🌴
Stay balanced. βš–οΈ
Out for a stroll. ❄️
Monday mood. 😞
Winter mood. ❄️
Feeling that chill! 🌬
Climbing mountains. πŸ—»
Pre-storm stroll. 🌲
Three! πŸŽ‚
Walking in a winter wonderland! ❄️
Missing the warm weather. 🌿
Throwback to Camila’s 1st Christmas! πŸŽ„
Snow, sleigh ride - winter joy! πŸ›·
In the holiday spirit. πŸŽ„
Feeling that wind in your hair. 🌬
Thanks for the memories, Colombia! ✌🏻
Green thumb! 🌱
Rockin’ those kicks. πŸ‘Ÿ