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freelance creative consultant + art director + photographer award winning, published 📍THIS SUMMER: #NYC #Hamptons

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no long captions today. happy #saturday
our surroundings shape us into the people we are and help guide us along the path to who we want to be in the future. I take this same thought process and apply it to my shoots, because on set, your surroundings can make or break a picture. when booking a shoot, you’re always considering location; maybe you’ll find an angle on the wall that stands out, or find yourself at an off-site location that ends up working better with the shot you’re trying to capture. either way, it’s okay to always be thinking on your feet, and to never settle for a shot that isn’t worthy of your own praise. there is no shame in stumbling along the way, because sometimes you’ll end up finding those hidden gems that wind up completing the project in the best ways possible 💥
as I’ve mentioned in the past, it’s so important to get to know your client prior to working with them! have a conversation and do your research; it’s always nice going into a job with fresh and unique ideas that’ll separate you from the rest. as photographers, it can sometimes feel like we’re a super small fish swimming in an never-ending sea, but that doesn’t mean our ideas have to be small. the fabulous thing about photography is that the ideas are endless! Justine, who happens to be an incredible celebrity hairstylist recently came out with her own accessory line! this was such a fun shoot because we got to incorporate her accessories into the shot, such as her GLAMourous hair clip shown in this pic!! although she’s used to being all glammed up to perfection, I took a second to rewind and ask her about her day, realizing that we didn’t need to go overboard to capture the true essence of her brand. instead, we decided to strip down to the basics and show off her true personality, highlighting her accessories in the process. so my question to you guys is...have you done your homework!? 😉
my goal as a creative freelancer has always been to provide all creative options and angles to my clients. it’s important to be fond of the work you’re creating, not only for the client, but for yourself, as well. if you’re not proud of the work that you’re producing, be honest in a respectful way! it’s okay to speak up and give options, maybe opting for a kinder, “this isn’t working BUT maybe we can try this!” providing all the options is what truly matters, because your name is on the work too! so I encourage everybody to take off their makeup, or “mask” so to speak, and to show their true colors! always be honest, not only with your clients, but with yourself; because if you’re not satisfied with yourself, then it’ll most likely show in your work, and that’s not something we’re going to let get us down! ✨
I’ve recently been thinking about printing this image super large on plexiglass for my NYC apartment!! finding the right piece of art for your living room, or any room for that matter, can sometimes be a difficult feat to undertake; it’s about how we connect to the photo and how it makes us feel. I used to collect tear sheets as inspiration for what my eye was drawn to, thus creating new and exciting inspiration for future photographs and ideas for shoots, all with fun artistic direction! art has the capability of bringing a room to life in all different ways; whether that be a photograph, sculpture or painting, it’s something that can make or break a room...if you’d like any of my images blown up, send an inquiry through my website and we can make it happen! what are your thoughts on this piece?⚡️
in life, we’re all faced with different obstacles and challenges that can either define us or help us to grow. we’ve all experienced those bumps in the road, but it’s how we let it affect us that really shows our true strength. it’s so so important to set goals for yourself, no matter how small they may be. it could be as simple as getting your favorite cup of coffee in the morning to working your hardest to impress that client you’ve been after for so long; it doesn’t matter as long as it matters to you! forgive yourself for the failures, it’s what gives you fortitude and character. write down what’s important to you and find what excites your soul. it’s important to pick yourself up at the end of the day, because without falling down, you’ll never truly make your mark, and isn’t that what we’re all after? tell me something that excites you to your very core! I bet seeing your answer will empower you even more ✨
it’s always important to know of and engage in different angles when taking a photograph, especially when there’s the hustle and bustle of the city going on all around. changing up your angles and poses in each shot winds up making the photograph way more interesting, and allows for the photographer to connect with their model on a much deeper level. you get to work with your model in a more intimate way, finding the colors and movements in the surrounding environment that work well and stand apart from other “street style” shots. there is truly nothing like the cobblestone streets of soho, where everybody uses those same stones as their own personal runway 💃🏻 I know for me, I feel unstoppable when I’m there. how does it make you feel?! ✨
this was such a fun shoot to take part in! being at the beach always puts me in a good mood, and who says you can’t do so with a little bit of color and style ⚡️ the warm sand, rustling waves and salty air is always a good idea! and you can be sure that I am counting down the days!! Who else is ready for summer? 🙋🏻‍♀️
since earth day has recently come and gone, I am reminded of how conscious and aware we all have to be in relation to fashion, and the industry itself. we wear clothing everyday, and the fashion industry uses immense amounts of plastic for things such as garment bags, plastic hangers, and even the covers of shoe soles just so shoes won’t get damaged while shooting editorials. this shoot was meant to focus on street style in a way that related to recycling plastic—using the plastic as art (in this case the photograph itself) and showing how constant its use is in our lives. this was a special shoot, and it made me realize that it’s truly up to us to keep our earth a happy and healthy place to be, and by making a conscious effort to reduce, reuse and then recycle, we can play a major role in making that dream a reality ♻️🌎✨
getting to know your models: as most people know, NYFW can be a super hectic time. people running back and forth, clothes being thrown around, and countless photographers trying to capture THE same exact shot of the season. It can be difficult to create true relationships and have real conversations with the models behind the scenes. For me, it’s always super important to connect with the models prior to snapping their picture; it’s something I pride myself on. Due to the hustle and bustle going on backstage, it isn’t always possible for the models to have the privacy they deserve. Before capturing this moment, I made sure to really get to know Grace, not as the model, but as the person. We connected over our shared feelings of the NYFW scene, and eventually I kindly asked her if I could take her photo. Of course, a million other photographers ran to capture the same exact shot, but the difference is, I had the real connection. I felt like I knew Grace on a deeper level, and I knew that the picture, whom countless other photographers captured would be a special moment for us. Not because I’m the one who asked for the picture, but because it was a connection that many others didn’t share. That’s what makes this shot so special to me! How do you connect with the people around you?! ✨
respond to every call that excites your spirit 💥 what excites you?!
some fun facts about @carlytumen: I’ve been photographing since I was 14 years old, specializing in fashion! I used to photograph friends and family in my home photo studio, in my basement. many years ago, I created this photo series all about aluminum foil. I actually created a gown out of foil! I’d love to learn more about you! Introduce yourself and share a fun fact! ⚡️
be so good they can’t ignore you 👊🏻
this picture was taken on a recent trip I took to Iceland, and when I say that these horses were everything, I mean that they were unlike anything I had ever seen before. I wasn’t expecting to be so connected and drawn to these wild horses, but the way their simplicity captured the true essence and beauty of the land was something that stuck with me. simplicity in its wildest form is truly magical ✨ what’s a special experience you’ve had abroad?
a project I worked on in Coney Island last spring 🌸 excited for more outdoor editorials! check out my site for more images!! link in bio ✨
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summer days 🌞
forever sultry 🖤