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INfamous, dank-mad-lit-rebel-honky-tonkin-stetson-wearin’, Guitar-Slingin’ celeb 🇺🇸/🇩🇪Chef.Bookings: 2020 influencers

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Contemplatin’ next moves, while leaning against my fav’rite leanin’ tree. Ev’rybody should have a fav’rite leanin tree. Fact-o-matter, If “The Thinker” done had one, he wouldn’t needed his knees to lean on. Woulda saved that hoss whole lotsa trouble, specially with that havin to get all undressed n’ all.
Half-way thru the week, fam! Keep’r lit 🔥 and be at the ready 4 the weekend! 🔥 Got great news too while I’m workin on my dm cigar .... an article lists me as one of the top 10 NYC chefs on social media. And another on why I’ve done so dang well. Kinda cool to see articles written about me!  But that ain’t the big news! Big news will be forthcoming! Stay tuned!
Peach blossoms in bloom in my orchard. Howdy, she sure mean spring is serious & here to stay. #peaches #peachblossoms #jerseypeaches #orchard #appleorchard #victualler #nogmo #londonfood #londonfoodie #northforkli
Yer house? My house? Nah, Porterhouse! Dang great dry aged beef, so tender, already fallin’ off da bones. #porterhouse #victualler #meat #steak #usdaprime #usdachoice #steakhouse #cowboylife #dryagedbeef
She hangs in my kitchen office, durin’ winter-turn-spring or in summer-turn-fall. She the change of seasons to me. #artdeco #nativeamerican #nativeamericanstyle #chefmoreyeats #fall #victualler
A fine cigar shared with a pal is really as good as she gets.  #herfing #botl #sotl #cigar #cigarsmoker #cigarsandwhiskeys #whisky #cigarafficionado
Demi-Tasse-dining room; seats 10, circa Civil War era o opulence. One o sev’rl chambers, connectin thru doors, that either separate the dining rooms er open em up to an inter-connected space. #titanicdinner #southernlivingmagazine #firstclassdining
Fireplace/mosaic tile. An it‘s Friday peeps, so git yours burnin an’ keep’r lit! 🔥🔥🔥
Last nights smoke broke out o this c1926 box of made-in-Mexico, La Rica Hoja cigars. Hand made right before the Great Depression - which I’m sure knocked this little brand out of biz - and at a time when outlaws were still makin a run fer the Southern border. The color of the old yellered cellophane wrap, box & label fits the rough & rowdy time she were hand rolled. An’ almost 100 years later, she lights up just perfect-o. This odd little figurado has aged well ov’r time and she still packs a tasty-whollop & a mouth-full-o-flavor, with notes of spice, pepper & leather. My only regret is I got only one box o these vintage Mexican cigars, so I won’t be smokin more then 1-2 o these a year. Dang it. But it sure were a nice evenin fer a shorty last night. Keep’r lit 🔥! #cigar #botl #cigarsmokers
Fuji-fresh-apples. An’ on a Monday too! Who knew? Least, I didn’t expect I’d do it. To myself.