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Chiara Boni La Petite Robe


A collection of great fit clothes created to meet the needs of today’s women. #ChiaraBoni #LaPetiteRobe Discover #SS19 Cocktail Dresses here ⬇️

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#LunaPark4 - Waiting for the fun... toffee smell & candyfloss! The sweetest palette ever becames protagonist on #SS19 #ChiaraBoni #LaPetiteRobe Beachwear Collection. Special thanks to @vulkanmag. Discover all bodysuits on ❤️
#LunaPark3 - What do you dream while the ferris wheel is turning? A world full of color! Like our rainbow Skirt with yellow, orange, topazio, peperoncino & red vivid stripes. Special thanks to @vulkanmag. Discover #SS19 #ChiaraBoni #LaPetiteRobe Collection on
Energetic, joyous, impeccable just like you. A Special shade for a summer special event:wedding, birthday party, concert and so on… Discover our exclusive Topazio nuance from #SS19 #ChiaraBoni #LaPetiteRobe Collection on
#LunaPark 2. The life is like a merry-go-round. An explosion of tropical motives combined with energetic naunces will make the coming summer sparkling. Stay Tuned! Special thanks to @vulkanmag.
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The portrait of happiness!
The beautiful @sara_gore is celebrating the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences award wearing a floral #ChiaraBoni #LaPetiteRobe Dress from #SS19 Collection. A blooming bouquet is a must! Congrats! ❤️
Everything is a Luna Park!
The new #SS19 #ChiaraBoni #LaPetiteRobe Collection is the color triumph: shiny and showy shades, like caroule lights, paint each items.
Discover colorful outfits ever on Special thanks to @vulkanmag for this amazing editorial ❤️
Look at Me!
The grace of a roses, the composure of motion and an the intensity of expressivity are the perfect frame for the impreccable #ChiaraBoni #LaPetiteRobe Woman. Special thanks to @switchmagazine & @emsukii ❤️
Painted on canvas.
Paul Gauguin painting has inspired this candid Gown with a mermaid silhouette and Tahitian floral pattern. An explosion of conceptual and evocative blossom for #SS19 #ChiaraBoni #LaPetiteRobe Collection. Special thanks to @emmafrick & @joy_ua ❤️
Lights, camera, actions!
During the Film Society Of Lincoln Center's 50th Anniversary Gala a fucsia fluo tint illuminates the Jumpsuit Matty with ruches and an refined tear. Special thanks to the fascinating @kierachaplin. Discover all Jumpsuits from #SS19 #ChiaraBoni #LaPetiteRobe Collection.
Body or Swimsuit?
Make your style unique wearing our Tropical Paradise Print in a bright fucsia shade. Discover the versatile #SS19 #ChiaraBoni #LaPetiteRobe Beachwear Collecition on ❤️
Be Pink!
The alluring @kyliejenner seduces her followers from the editorial on @s_moda magazine. She wears the Titin one-shoulder-swimsuit from #SS19 #ChiaraBoni #LaPetiteRobe Collection. Discover our Beachwear on ❤️
Hello? It's me... The Spring!
Dreaming a fine weather, enjoy the blooming garden of the Lesha Illusion Dress from #SS19 #ChiaraBoni #LaPetiteRobe Collection. Special thanks to @hennessycarolina and @galore Magazine for the amazing editoral 🌷