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'02 L-1485 94046188✨ 📍Jakarta

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will be distributing some freebies tomorrow. Though it’s not much, please do take it😂 .
1. meet me in the place that I will announce tomorrow
2. Show me that you have followed my IG 
3. Show me your ticket for the Natrep Event💓 (you guys will get 2pcs of pc^^)
4. Those without tickets are also able to get these but only 1pc yaaaa☺️
Besok I will post di story what kind of clothes I’m wearing and also the place. Bisa aja sebelum atau sesudah event natrep yaa, nanti ku liat sikon~
biar kaya @oohsehun liat kaca dikit langsung selfie 🤧💓
sorry emang anaknya receh, ketawain apa juga gatau😌🙃
Haters tersayang, aku tersanjung karena aku selalu jadi trending topic di hidupmu.🌚 Followers baru seberapa aja udah banyak yg nyinyir and julid, influencer influencer saya salut sama kaliannnnn😌 I should’ve just kept the top spender announcement ampe hari H ya.... eh btw my eyebrows kok keliatan dsniii☺️
COS#3 IB Goods💗 
Swipe for the photobook preview!✨
Harusnya kopi sama teman, tapi temannya mana?🧐😔
cr. @_lowkeyhuman_
I love this so much😭❤️
Boss Baby🥰🍼
Just a part of fluffy baek in the pb☺️🥰
Waited since last July for this photo book and it turns out to be SUPER DUPER HOLY MOLY AMAZING😭☺️💓 #GeniusBaekhyunDay #HappyBaekhyunDay
Happy Birthday bb boy🌚💕
potong rambut atau tidakssssssssss?😭🙈
Wallpapers are available to use~ Just make sure kasi credits yaaa☺️💓 Check highlights^^
First AS level exam is tomorrow, but my mind is already screaming for holidays🥺
We’re currently in the first S phase of SSFW☺️💖🌹🌲
ceritanya mau sok sok candid🌚#padahalngeliatinpadi