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↟ Mountains & outdoor lifestyle ↟ I like long walks uphill, clouds, and sunrises ↟ White Mountains, NH 48/48

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Soon to be | I’m sitting here at my gate, soon to be on my way to Colorado and Utah. It’s been quite a while since I last traveled, but I couldn’t be more excited. Colorado remains one of my favorite places outside of New England, and I’m greatly looking forward to having the chance to explore more of it. If I had my way with timing, I might have gone later in summer so I could continue tackling more of Colorado’s 14ers. Alas, that’ll have to wait. Nonetheless, I have so many hikes and places that I plan to see and experience. I’ll probably be pretty distant from this app while I’m gone; out of service, off grid a lot, and I decided I wont be sharing any photos from out there until I’m back. I’ll definitely still be doing story updates when I get the chance. I hope you enjoy following along, and I can’t wait to share it all when I return.
Probably my new favorite view in the Whites | This winter, I didn’t get to do all of my mountain goals that I wanted. There are some excursions and ideas that I had dreamed up that just never came to fruition. I’ve not lost sight of them, though. This winter may be nigh over, but that just means next winter I have to dream bigger and chase them even more. Regardless, this winter was a good one, and I still got to experience new winter hikes and places within this vast range of mountains. More and more, I’ve come to appreciate all of the seasons, and not just one or two of them. Thus, I can’t wait for spring to fully bloom here in the Whites. As with winter, I’ve got plenty of dreams to chase.
Nothing greater than a day of ridge-walking.
Cranmore, after dark.
Watching the morning light make its way into and warm the cabin as I cooked my breakfast and made coffee. Instantly a perfect day.
With each day that passes, I’m more and more excited for the warmth of the sun and the breeze through the mountains. .
I realize this is quite different for work when it comes to my page. I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m slowly trying to incorporate different types of photography here. My hope is that you all enjoy it just as much, despite the change in pace now and again.
The last of the through the pine moments as we descended back into treeline from the sunrise hike we did up Adams. It’s usually not until this point in time when you get tired from not getting any sleep the night before. You begin the hike down and out, reminiscing on the morning you just had.
On solo hikes, there’s always the balancing act | As much as you want to watch the whole sunset from the summit in -30F temperatures with wind chill, it’s not the right decision. I’ve come to accept that as much as I love my solo time, it does have its limitations. I feel competent in most of what I do, but that doesn’t always mean I should do it. This particular evening in the northern Presidential’s, I so badly wanted to go up to Adams, but I settled for Abigail Adams and headed down to my shelter as the sun began to set. I was warm enough. Even still, I knew that safe decision making meant and means making sacrifices sometimes from what we’d like to do. Even when not solo, this rule applies; but more so alone. Even though I was farther down the mountain than I wanted when the glow of the last bit of sun set in, I was still rewarded. I still took value in it, as remarkable as it still was. These memories only hold as much value because we are able to make these safe decisions. Just like the saying goes: “getting to the top is optional, getting down is mandatory.” ~Ed Viesturs
Winter could stick around another month, and I truly wouldn’t complain. I’m still in a little bit of shock that next week, I’m going to be out west driving and hiking though bigger mountains. I’ve always said that if I didn’t live in New Hampshire, I would live in Colorado. It’s definitely one of my favorite places.
The mountains, friends, and lots of food make for the best after parties.
Today, I went skiing for my first time in my life. 27 years, and I’ve only just picked it up now. All of the mountains that I’ve spent time on, and only now trying skiing. Regardless, today was so much fun, and I don’t plan on it being my last time. Next winter might be a whole difference experience for me.
If you’ve never broken over a foot of trail with snowshoes over the course of 12 or more miles in one day, you’re definitely missing out. It’s my favorite kind of fun. On the hike out of Carrigain the other week, I decided to trail @maxgeorgem a little closer than comfort (although he didn’t even notice) and get some shots of him kicking up the snow. It ended up being a fun little game for me to see how close I could get. Swipe to see.
After a bitter cold, but beautiful sunset in the alpine zone, I slowly made my way back to the cabin to heat my freeze-dried supper and something warm to drink. Cozying up in the corner, and setting my eyes on a book for a few hours before bed. These slow, intentional evenings in the mountains are just about everything that makes me feel whole.
Each and every time I go up these mountains, it becomes harder and harder to leave them.
The softness of the last bit of light touching the alpine trees before I headed to my shelter for the night. It’s pretty much my favorite way to spend my evenings; out in the mountains as it begins to get dark, and all becomes quite around you.
An accurate visual representation of how cranky I will get if I don’t get my mountain time in every week.
This was probably my favorite day shooting for @cranmoremountain - it got me out of my comfort zone. Talking to strangers and asking for a photo, and shooting completely different things than I’m used to. Thanks for having me, Cranmore!
The stretch from treeline to the summit of Adams is one of the longest seeming stretches of rocks to hike. The stars were still out when we came out of the woods, the wind coming in like the sound of crashing waves. As we headed to the summit, we slowed not just because we were tired, but because of the inevitable itch to constantly look back behind us as the horizon turned from black to blue, and blue to orange.
From one of the many good runs at @cranmoremountain !
About a month or so ago, @jproberts and I attempted Mount Adams for sunrise and failed quite disappointingly because of unforeseen trail conditions. This morning, we went back to redo it, and this time, make it right. We were a little more cautious on trail selection this time around. Running off little to no sleep at all, we both, I think, we’re anxious for this morning. Truthfully, neither of us felt great either. But, it was near this time when it all seemed to disappear. This moment washed over, and just like that, trumped all else. Witnessing these moments isn’t just beautiful or “cool”, they rejuvenate you above all. This time of day isn’t just special because of what happens to the sky, it’s special because of what happens to us. Sharing these moments will always be of the utmost important to me because it brings me back to feeling me. Standing there, you don’t quite know what to do or say. Staring, blinking here and there; that’s all that can be done as the world shows you the way back home.