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Phantom White!👻🎮 Just over a year since my last controller purchase! Gotta get yourself a little Easter treat right?!
Also I blame @xeneriith and his awesome controller shots for influencing my decision.😜 @xbox if you ever see this, give that guy a medal.🥇
What are you guys up to? Chilling in the sun? Working? Gaming?🤟🏻
#xbox #xboxone #xboxcontroller #gamingfolk #gaminglife
Happy Easter from House Craigo!🐣 Hope you’re having a great day! I’m spending the weekend with my family enjoying the sun!☀️
My family has always enjoyed gaming too which is great!
P.S. Not going to lie, it took way longer than it should have done taking this photo.😅 Firstly I had to convince everyone to come inside and take part. Then I had to organise their hands. The struggle was real.
#gamingfolk #gaminglife #gamingfamily #xbox #xboxone #playstation #ps4
Your new gamertag/psn is...the last food you ate & your favourite in-game weapon! 🍌
I’m BananaShovel!
#gamingfolk #gaminglife #gamerlife #xboxgamer #gamingsetup #xbox #xboxone
What video game character would survive till the end in Game of Thrones? 👑🎮 You’re in the great game now. And the great game’s EGGcellent.👀🥚
#xbox #xboxone #xboxgamer #gamingfolk #gaminglife #gamerlife #gameofthrones #xbox360 #gamingcommunity #xboxgames
Follow the cookie trail!🍪🙌 P.S. Only two cookies were harmed in the making of this video. Hope you have an awesome Easter weekend!

#cookiemonster #gamingcommunity #xboxcommunity #xboxgamer #xboxgaming
Transformers Craigo in Disguise! 🚘🎵
@zavviuk kindly sent across their Transformers Prime Collection, which is out today!🎉
I love the Transformers movies! I remember them having some awesome songs in them too!🤟🏻
On a side note, I’ve also started running towards my car shouting “BUMBLEBEE” hoping it luck let with this. I’ll keep you posted.
So what are you waiting for, head on over to the link in my bio & checkout the collection.
If you use the code:CRAIG it will get you some sweet Free Delivery 📦
Big thanks to @ralexxanderr_ for the referral!👏🏻
Craigobots Rollout!
#ZavviExclusive #Transformers #PrimeCollection #AD #CraigomusPrime
I was lucky enough to be invited down to another event hosted by @instagram
It was great to meet new talented people, catchup with ambassadors and listen to some awesome talks.
If I could give you one piece of advice, I would say don’t focus on the numbers. Focus instead on building relationships and networking with all the awesome people on this app! Growth will come naturally overtime.
Post what makes YOU happy, engage with your community and most importantly have FUN!
There’s only one version of you on Instagram, be unique and be different. You’ll find that you’re more interesting than you think.
Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! Currently posting this while I’m sat having a cheeky cuppa tea near Tower Bridge haha!
📸 Group photo by @stephoppotamus
P.S. Swipe to see some cool Insta swag!
Best game intro ever?🤔 I think so!

I think I used to know the words to it off by heart 😅. Also, who else finds it really annoying when people in game chat just blast music down their mics all game!

It just makes me not sure if I’m having a dance off in the middle of Bog or fighting some ghilly suit wearing campers.

Looking forward to playing some MW Remastered with some PS4 friends sometime!

Cya on the battlefield!

#callofduty #modernwarfare #activision #gamingfolk #gamersofinstagram
What games did you play over the weekend?

I went back onto New Dawn to find this cool Easter egg...P.S. Splinter Cell needs a comeback!

I can’t believe I didn’t know about this Easter egg until the other day.

Splinter Cell is the only stealth game I actually enjoy being stealthy in haha

Hope you all have an awesome week!

#splintercell #farcry #farcrynewdawn #ubisoft #gamingcommunity
If you could grab any video game character out of a game, who would you spend the weekend with?

I’d choose Crash!

Have an awesome weekend!

#crashbandicoot #activision #xboxonex #gopro #consolegamer
If you guys could have a sequel or reboot of any possible game what would it be?

I would love to see another Fable game! That’s my dream announcement at E3 this year.

Hope you’ve had an awesome Sunday!

#xbox #xboxone #gamingfolk #gaminglife #gamingsetup #gamerlife #gopro
Digital or Physical?

I’ve been in a stage of buying digital copies of games for the past couple of years, but I’ve found myself going back to buying more physical copies!

Hope you’re having an awesome weekend!

#playstation #ps4 #xbox #xboxonex #gamingsetup #gamingfolk #gaminglife
What technique have you used in a video game that would never work in real life?

I’m pretty sure for me if I got shot a couple of times, snapping my fingers back into place wouldn’t restore my health. Haha!

Have an awesome weekend!

#farcry #farcryprimal #ubisoft #xboxone #xboxonex #gamingfolk #gaminglife
Borderlands is back!😭 Who’s ready?

Man oh man have I been waiting so long for this to be announced.

To put how I feel into context, it’s probably the same as how you will be feeling when The Last of Us 2 comes out haha!

I love Borderlands! So many awesome memories playing through it on co-op with my friends.

This is it people, it’s finally happening...bring on the mayhem!

#borderlands #borderlands3 #xbox #xboxonex #gaminglife
What’s your favourite Ubisoft series? I think mines either Far Cry or Assassins Creed.

Have an awesome week gamers!

#xbox #xboxonex #gamingsetup #ubisoft #farcry
What was the last game you completed? Far Cry New Dawn for me!

#farcrynewdawn #xbox #xboxonex
Leaving work on a Friday like...
It’s time for the gaming weekend to begin! What are your plans for the weekend?
Also who else wishes they could upgrade their car this fast haha!
Have an awesome weekend!
#xboxonex #xbox #xboxone #forzahorizon #forzahorizon4 #gaminglife
What’s your favourite Apex Legends drop zone?

I go for some crazy starts at Bunker or Skull Town!

It’s also International Day of Happiness! So make sure you do something today to make someone smile.😃
#gopro #xbox #apexlegends #gaminglife