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Magical Omis by @mario_spanjic_fotix_photo 
The picturesque town of Omiš is situated at the mouth of the Cetina river, the centre of the Omiš Riviera, and surrounded by small fishing villages with beautiful beaches. 
In this very small area it is possible to see many cultural and historical sites (churches that date back 10th and 18th centuries, monuments, forts, museums, etc.). And for those who like active holidays, Omiš is the right destination - rafting on the Cetina river, free climbing, paragliding, scuba diving, sailing, beach volleyball, tennis, etc. 
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Salt lake Mir by @jordhammond 
A Lake with a View of Dolphins
In the central part of the Telašćica Nature Park there is the salt lake Mir, characterized by being registered as a lake, although it has salt water, but also because the water in it is several degrees warmer than sea water and therapeutic properties are therefore attributed to it – this in particular refers to the part of the lake where there is medicinal mud. The water in the lake is shallow and saltier than average and is not completely separated from the sea, since seawater fills the lake during high tide through underground cracks. Not far from the lake there are 160 meters high cliffs from which you can see dolphins. So, let go of the land, stick to the sea and take a break at a saltwater lake!
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Taste the coolest cured meat – Kulen
Slavonia, the bread basket of Croatia and a region famed for its hospitality, also has its protected kulen (often called kulin), a popular gift and souvenir from the region. Similar to its Baranja cousin, the main difference is that there is more paprika and white pepper in the Baranja version, with more bacon fat in Slavonian kulen, with some homemade recipes even containing another local staple – rakija. You know Slavonians – when in doubt add a little bacon. And rakija!
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Good morning from magical Baranja by @kristina_jelencic_photography 
Baranja region is famous for the Nature Park on the Drava and Danube river, Wineries and fine dining, typical villages and vast fertile fields and vineyards…
The mild, long, and wide slopes of the Banska Kosa Hill vineyards in Baranja offer ideal conditions for Graševina – Croatia’s favourite variety of wine. Discover why Croats love it so much, especially during hot days when the most popular drink is the so-called gemišt!
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How Many Days Until Spring 2019?
Enjoy Spring in Zagreb
King Tomislav Square
A monument dedicated to Tomislav, Croatia’s first king, dominates the square carrying his name.
Travellers coming out of the railway station are confronted with one of the most beautiful views in Zagreb, which takes in the statue of King Tomislav, the Art Pavilion, the cathedral’s spires and the green slopes of Mount Medvednica in the distance.
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Beautiful Hvar by @mario_spanjic_fotix_photo 
This island is an island of excellence in many ways. And it’s an excellence that transcends borders, as Hvar is reckoned among the top ten most beautiful islands on the Earth. Plenty of sunshine (indeed, the largest amount of annual sunshine) is just a small feature of its attractive mosaic.
The theatre in Hvar was one of the first municipal theatres built in Europe. It was founded in 1612 and is located in the Arsenal building.
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Split by @iamtwixie 
In AD 305, the world’s most powerful man, Emperor Diocletian, was faced with the decision on where to spend the rest of his days. Of all of the known world, he chose to build his home in the heart of the region of Dalmatia, setting the first stones in
place for the future city of Split.
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Full moon rising by @slavenjandjel 
The full moon is the best time for photography. It's all about timing. And you get a perfect shot, like this one.
Bravo Slaven!
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Stiniva beach by @vilim__stojkovic 
We all know the feeling. You are in your office working and suddenly you wander off. You think of beautiful landscapes, sunny days, crystal blue sea and terrific food and wine. Lucky for you, this hedonistic experience is just a couple of hours away.
So stop dreaming! Get up, stretch, leave the office, buy a ticket and wake up in this unbelievable place.
Due to an inlet of the sea, surrounded by high cliffs that hide the beach, Stiniva on the island of Vis is hardly visible from the open sea. However, access from the sea is ideal for reaching Stiniva beach. There is also a demanding 20 minutes access by foot which literally follows the goat track. Stiniva beach is surrounded by steep cliffs so that half of the beach is always in the shade. Stiniva is a pebble beach for lovers of the beautiful clean sea and of the wild landscape.
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Beautiful Dubrovnik by @lauren.grace.harding 
If you like #GOT – Game of Thrones, you will love Dubrovnik! Many outdoor scenes are filmed at this amazing setting in the Old Town. Take a walk and discover King’s Landing, the capital of Westeros also known as Stradun, Minčeta Tower, Trsteno Arboretum and many more! Visit additional GOT locations in Split and Šibenik.
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The tiny island of Košljun, is located in Puntarska Draga off the island of Krk. During ancient times this islet was a fortified mansion and during the 9th Century the island was a Benedictine Abbey, and from the 15th Century, a Franciscan monastery. Come visit the largest library on the Croatian islands with a large bookshop and about one hundred incunabula. #CroatiaFullOfWonders #Krk #VisitKrk #traveleurope #discover_earth
Magical Pokupsko
No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn. Hal Borland
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