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✨Founder & CEO @jouercosmetics 💄I make MAKEUP. 💫My mission: to help u look & feel beautiful 👻Snap: czjouer Los Angeles 🌴 Malibu ⛱Paris 🥂

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Just call me Martha!! 💁🏻‍♀️Sometimes the littlest thing makes you feel like you can conquer the world 👊🏻. What’s something you’ve done lately that may seem like nothing to someone else but you’re like DAMN YES!!? Trust me if you made your own dinner last night I’m impressed! 😂
Jouer’s Bouquet D’Amour Blush Palette 🌸Now available at a Sephora near you!! #jouer #jouerblushbouquet #jouerblush #jouergirl #jouercosmetics #makeup #blush #czjouer #glosslady #bosslady #sephora
Did you guys catch the custom Jouer valentine’s sweetheart candy?! I’m saving the leftovers for next year 😂 is that gross?! I have low standards for my candy!! 🍭🍬. Also this picture is a fabrication of my day. I’m actually in sweats about to get on the treadmill and watch YouTube videos 🎉. Lastly - the first 25 who left me flowers on my last photo I’m sending blush stickers. Thank you for comments 🌸🌸🌸
#czjouer #jouer #jouergirl #valentinescandy #sundaydress #glosslady #bosslady #founder
January’s all resolutions, work out”, cut carbs,  and February’s all Super Bowl snacks, Valentine’s chocolate and candies......who else has whiplash?! 😂🍭❤️. Were these not the prettiest cakes you ever saw? @crumbles__patisserie nailed it!!
Single = too fabulous to settle!! Anyone else with me here? Leave me some hearts for Valentines and I’ll leave you some too. Let’s spoil each other 😘💗😘
It’s not often you see me wearing red, but this  Sweetheart Lip Topper is a good one! Because of its sheerness and shimmer it makes your lips look naturally gorgeous. It’s sort of a your-lips-but-better gloss.. if you buy today you get a free Rouge Lip Liner. Super limited quantities. When it’s gone it’s gone ❣️✨ use code CZ15OFF!!! 💋
Gigi Bon Bons’ #OOTD is pawsitively adorable!  #lolagigicuteness #yorkiesofinstagram #jouerpup #czjouer #sweaterweather #doglife
People ask me about my skincare every day!  If you follow me on stories or snap you know I’m obsessed with in chemical exfoliation. I use something every night - because if you’re using the right products you won’t overdo it. But most people think harsh scrubs are the answer...I believe in gentle exfoliation every day. Consistency is key. After exfoliating you’ve got to replenish. On the @jouercosmetics stories I show two products I use every day for major hydration. Do you guys exfoliate? If you’ve got any questions leave them below and I’ll do a story...
Essential, Springtime, or Rose Gold? Which is your favorite?? They’re all my babies so I’m partial. 🌸👶🏻💕 #jouer #jouercosmetics #jouereyeshadow #rose-gold #makeuplover #czjouer #glosslady #bosslady #palettes #eyeshadowpalettes #springtimeinparis
Shnuggles with my love this rainy day 🌧 what are you all up to? Did you catch my Saturday Spotlight on @jouercosmetics stories? What did you think? TMI? 😂 #lolagigicuteness #saturdayspotlight #blushbouquet #jouer #glosslady #bosslady
Is it rude to say...sweater weather? Cuz I’m actually a little chilled. But then I turn on the news and I’m like ❄️🌨 🥶  If you’re out there freezing my thoughts are with you. I imagine a lot of Netflix /Hulu happening. Let me know what you’re into below. My top winter pick is: Marvelous Mrs Maisel @maiseltv  What’s yours?
It's almost bed time, so I'll just check my e-mails, Instagram, Facebook, and watch a season of my favorite show on Netflix real quick 🙄🛏....anyone else guilty as charged? - i may have dark circles but at least I’m waking up with gorgeously hydrated and smooth lips 😂👍🏻. No seriously - who’s tried this yet??? (Overnight Lip Mask of course) Let me know if you have it, tried it or want to try it. I might just send a few out.
Without these two where would I be? Stuck in a 2016 dark circle, hyperpigmentation circle of hopelessness. No seriously, I don’t know what I did before them but now I’m at peace knowing all my sins are perfectly covered until I wash them away. Well. Not sure I can wash the sins away 😂. And hey you don’t have to go all the way with either. You can use a dot with moisturizer to erase just what you want. Life is not all or nothing...but remember,- little goes a long way!! So...tell me what’s your biggest pet peeve about foundations and concealers? #jouer #jouercosmetics #jouerconceals #jouergirl #czjouer #glosslady #bosslady #girlboss #makeuplover #giveaway #makeupgiveaway #makeup #beautygiveaway #beautyboss #foundation #concealer
Who’s ready for the prettiest blush palette...ever?! 🙋🏻‍♀️🌸💕 seen here with my ride or, Lip Creme in Blush and Lip Topper inRose Gold ✨. What’s your go-to Jouer combo?
I just started a new weekly story on @jouercosmetics called Saturday Spotlight where I shed some light on a jouer product - why i made it, what’s cool about it, as well as showing another non-Jouer product I’m loving. Today I gave some love to @luxiebeauty brushes. Go check it out and let me know what you think! Report back cuz I get intimidated talking on jouer 😂. We are one in the same but you guys are my family 💗
Happy Friday! Is anyone planning to hit the Jouer warehouse sale this weekend?! It’s insane!! If you live in LA it’s a must go to event. I’m going to take you behind the scenes on @jouercosmetics stories.
So when i don’t wear blush i look like...🤧💀 I’m so in love with my new Bouquet D’amour blush palette 🌸💗🌸 six shades to create your magic. One shade from Adore, Flirt, Coquette and Rose Gold palettes and two new shades.We opened the waitlist yesterday and we’ve NEVER seen so many sign ups 😱. Link in my bio...
January check in...hows it going three weeks in? I’m still feeling energized and excited about what’s to come. Rather than making unrealistic end-goals, I’m making process I’m going to put in my calendar and hold myself accountable for small bite sized actions. It’s the one step at a time mind set that matters. And allowing for little slips and lazy days along the way. So how about you? Mind set good?