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by Valeria Flores


dame un ñaqui,⁣ ⁣⁣ 📍 Puerto Rico based⁣⁣ 📸 dm for services + rates⁣⁣ 💌 [email protected]

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drink limitless + @limitlesscoffee ☁️⁣
first stop at chicago was for coffee at @limitlesscoffee. swipe to see their creative lavender latte and breathtaking decor 🦋
welcome to my crib + @willistowerchicago ☁️ ⁣
bye chi, loved u. literally ate my way thru this city, can’t wait to show all the food pics 🤩 🔜 cruise!
my kind of double fisting + @360chicago 🍨
think this pairs well with bitters-filled chocolates... you tell me @ooohlalust? + @mixologyu 🍸⁣
learned so much about mixology at the third edition of @mixologyu! went to classes about gin, whiskeys and more, the best part being that I got to make my own cocktails 😋 swipe to see what I’m talking about and to see a sweet surprise from @ooohlalust + @indulgechocolat! I’ll see you all at the fourth edition! 💫 thank you @mixologyu for the invite, @laconcharesort for being amazing hosts and all the mixologists who participated for such fun classes 🥰⁣
🍸 where? la concha resort⁣
🍸 what? mixology classes by @mixologyu⁣
🍸 how much? $$⁣
🍸 when? the event happens from time to time, I’ll keep you posted for the next one!⁣
🍸 must try? try to attend all the classes you can so you make the most out of it! ⁣
ballin’ + @wndrmuseum 🤟🏼⁣
estoy en chicago hasta el sábado y después me voy de crucero, so expect posts like this one in the meantime 🤷🏻‍♀️ gracias por todas sus recomendaciones! will have them in mind as I make my way thru this city 🚀
special thanks to @mashynne.bartistpr for keeping the cocktails coming allll night + @barprosecco + @buenamesapr 🍸⁣
tried out @barprosecco ‘s new menu at @themallofsanjuan and I can assure you, the cocktails are perfect! there’s a bit of everything for every personality, from refreshing mojitos (w. eco-friendly straws 😋) to this house old fashioned! keep swiping for the menu and descriptions to all the cocktails! also got to see the new @buenamesapr magazine edition featuring LOTS of local restaurants and foodies 🤩 thank you @buenamesapr for hosting such a nice and relaxing event 🥰  hope you guys try all of them soon! ⁣
🥃 where? the mall of san juan, sj⁣
🥃 tapas and drinks! swipe for their new cocktail menu⁣
🥃 how much? $$⁣
🥃 must try? the italiano 75 was by far my favorite cocktail 😍⁣
the best way to start your sunday brunch is with the biggest latte you can get at @semillakitchenbar ☕️⁣
this place is everything. besides having creative and amazing plates, they offer outstanding service. everyone who’s part of the staff checks on you and makes sure you’re having the best experience. swipe to see how your sunday brunch’s gonna look like this week 😉 ⁣
☕️ where? condado, sj⁣
☕️ what? breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner! swipe for the menu⁣
☕️ how much? $$⁣
☕️ must try? their semillosas (specialty drink)!!! ⁣
another unusual post ft. my face on it to show you this dress from @iioutletstore and thank them for making me feel like a 👑 (📸 by @adsm06)⁣
thank u for alllll your support. this past month has been incredible, having the opportunity to attend so many events that promote local brands. there’s so much more pictures I want to show you, so go to my story to vote on what you’d rather see next 💫
take her out to eat at @hacienda_munoz and enjoy their perfect coffee afterwards 💫⁣
happy mother’s day to all the beautiful foodie moms out there ☺️ thank you for doing everything you do, we’re lost without you. 💕⁣ go see my reviews highlight for their full review and all the pics!
☕️ where? san lorenzo, pr⁣
☕️ what? coffee, sandwiches and more!⁣
☕️ how much? $⁣
☕️ must try? their coffee, duh
about the biggest ice cream scoop I’ve ever seen + @hijole_pr 🍨⁣
went to @hijole_pr for my 5 de mayo brunch last week and this was the result 😍 their frozen margaritas are the best I’ve ever had, and the variety of their menu never ceases to amaze me. go to my story to see their full review and swipe on this post for their full menu!⁣
🍨 where? isla verde + guaynabo
🍨 what? mexican food! swipe for the full menu⁣
🍨 how much? $$⁣
🍨 must try? their frozen margaritas!
not one to pick sides but steak always wins me over + @chefjuanpena + @laconcharesort 🍽⁣
got swept off my feet last week by six amazing chefs at @laconcharesort Culinary Passport 2019. the event brings chefs from around the world together to create a unique culinary experience where you can have the best out of every world. swipe on this post to see the works of @chefjuanpena, @chefludo, @chefgillesepie, @chefmariopagan, @didierlabbe and Chef Erika Gómez, Executive Chef of @laconcharesort. go to my story to see all the pictures from the event, what exactly the plates are, and who did what! see you at next year’s Culinary Passport 💫🍴⁣
a place that makes you feel like home + @piccololattepr 🍃⁣⁣
good coffee never gets old, and if you get to choose your own mug, it’s even better. swipe to see what I’m talking about— @piccololattepr ‘s concept. they have a variety of beautiful mugs for you to pick your favorite and make your coffee break a special one. 💫 this is, by far, my favorite concept, not to mention how homey and welcoming the place feels. go to my story to see all the pictures from @piccololattepr and swipe for their menus!⁣⁣
☕️ where? san juan, pr⁣⁣
☕️ what? coffee, sandwiches, beer and more! swipe for the full menu⁣⁣
☕️ how much? $⁣⁣
☕️ must try? their espresso divorciado (espresso + liquor 🤤)
brunch AND fashion? I’m in + + @chefmariopagan 🌸⁣
had the best time yesterday during the at @theoliveexperience trying all the delicious food from @chefmariopagan ‘s brunch menu while admiring local art and fashion 💫🧵 go to my story to find all the pictures from yesterday’s Fashion Brunch, along with some pictures of the beautiful Olive Boutique Hotel. stay tuned for all the runway pictures— they’re coming tomorrow! 💗⁣
for those of you who don’t know, brings local fashion and gastronomy together to give you the best of both worlds and expose local brands, chefs and designers guaranteed to bring you the best Sunday brunch experience 💫  the Fashion Brunch happens ever month, so go follow the page and stay tuned for the next one!⁣
it’s a mexican feast + @nacholibrepr 🌮⁣
since tomorrow’s 5 de mayo, I thought I’d share this today to get the mood going 🌶 if you’re in need of recommendations on where to go tomorrow, go to my 5 de mayo highlight to see how some local restaurants are going to be celebrating! 🌮⁣
ok corillo. aprovechen todos los especiales de mañana, vayan a beber margaritas a $2, sáquenle todo lo que puedan al capitalismo y pásenla brutal, pero edúquense antes de hacerlo. el 5 de mayo no se reduce a margaritas y a mariachis, no es la celebración de la independencia mexicana ni mucho menos la celebración de la gastronomía mexicana. mañana se celebra la victoria del ejército mexicano en la batalla de puebla ante el imperio francés. celebren la victoria de nuestro país hermano y no olviden que aún falta mucho por hacer. 🇲🇽
favorite pairing of the night + @eltappr + @oceanlabbrewingco 🍻 (pardon my upcoming spanglish on this post 👇🏼)⁣
Had the opportunity to assist the @oceanlabbrewingco Food Pairing event hosted by one of my favorite places, @eltappr. They paired four (extremely tasty) bites with four of the many beers @oceanlabbrewingco has to offer. The pairings were right on point, and you can see every one of them by swiping on this post! Go to my story or events highlight to see the rest of the pictures from yesterday 🍻⁣
A @eltappr— GRACIAS por la invitación y por siempre hacerme sentir más que bienvenida. Es la segunda vez que asisto a un evento en su casa y cada vez se pone mejor! Si no han ido a @eltappr, TIENEN que ir y disfrutar de su concepto, de la inmensa cantidad de cervezas locales que tienen y de su comida! Al final de las fotos en este post pueden encontrar su menú de comida y los guidelines de su concepto. Este lugar siempre es un must 🍻⁣
A @oceanlabbrewingco— GRACIAS por hacer productos de tan buena calidad y por creer en la gastronomía local. Ayer se dijo que empezaron la cervecería, entre muchas razones, para resaltar el potencial de lo que se hace en Puerto Rico y no puedo estar más de acuerdo. La razón por la cual empecé esta página fue para promocionar lo que se crea aquí y no puedo estar más feliz con el resultado. Apoyen lo local 🍻💛⁣
🍻 where? calle loíza, san juan⁣
🍻 what? ocean lab food pairing event⁣
🍻 swipe to see @eltappr ‘s full menu! $$
peek their name inside the cup + @cafeprieto 😍⁣
had one of the best espressos I’ve ever had at @cafeprieto while enjoying their view 🌿 if you’re ever around Cidra, this one’s a must. swipe to see more pictures and their full menu at the end! go to my story to see their review!⁣
🌿 where? cidra, puerto rico⁣
🌿 what? coffee, sweets and sandwiches (swipe for their full menu)⁣
🌿 how much? $⁣
🌿 must try? their madeleines, they’re super soft and go perfect with their coffee 💫
yes it’s a pizza place but you can’t tell me this créme brûlée isn’t beautiful so swipe for the pizza + @nonnaspizzacidra 🍽⁣
pizza a leña is @nonnaspizzacidra specialty, and they’re really good, plus they add sugar to their pizza crust so they’re sweet! whenever you want to try something different, visit them 🍕 swipe for more food pictures and their full menu + go see my story for their review and the rest of the pictures 📸⁣
🍽 where? cidra, puerto rico⁣
🍽 how much? $$⁣
🍽 what? pizza and more! keep swiping for the full menu⁣
🍽 must try? their pizza and their sweet crust!
the best part of the @arqui.bazar was definitely this refreshing smoothie + @arqui.bazar 🍓⁣
went to the @arqui.bazar last week and absolutely loved it. it’s a space where you can find lots of amazing local brands and fall in love with all their products! everything they had was incredibly pretty and if you want to support local shops, this is your place! go to their page for more info, and swipe to see some of the brands! 💫 go to my story to see all the pictures!⁣
🍓 where? colegio de arquitectos⁣
🍓 what? lots of local shops selling and exposing their products! they also sell refreshments and food, swipe till the end for the full menu! ⁣
🍓 how much? there’s a little bit of everything, from $ to $$$. depends on where you shop!⁣
🍓 must try? the smoothies and alllllll the shops