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Denali the Rotty


Denali-Adopted Serbian Import Rottweiler-Problem Child-8/27/2014 Sadie-Booshie-Puggle-Sausage-5/10/2006- 3/2/2019🌈

This is what nightmares are made of.
Using denali's dirty teddy bear as weekly size comparisons for aspen! First picture is 8 weeks, and the second is 9 weeks- He won't stay still. πŸ˜…
Getting some beauty sleep
Aspen had his first vet visit today! He's almost 9 weeks old & weighs 13lbs! 😊
Beyond happy that he stole and destroyed Aspen's toy πŸ˜… --
Denali has been really good with Aspen so far- better than I anticipated! There was one (I think) unnecessary, over correction. Aspen shrieked- the poor little dude. But hopefully they keep getting along overall! 🀞
Welcome to the fam, Aspen!! 😊😍
Booooop!! 😊😍
Happy national puppy day to this little egghead!!! thank god he grew out of that πŸ˜…
Happy St Patty's Day everyone!!! πŸ€
& thanks to @the_underdogs_tail for this amazing bandana!!! 😊
Anyone else's dog have bedhead in the mornings? πŸ˜…
I will forever miss coming home to see you looking out the window and howling in excitement like crazy. I love you booshie ❀ I hope you're running around eating everyone's trash up there!! Rest in peace my baby πŸ’”
...that is not your bed
Update!!!! He was just rescued!!! Hard work pays off!! ---
Hi friends! This is Blue, and he's been at the carson shelter since 12/31/18, and we're trying to get him out! We have a possible rescue to pull him, but pledges/donations on this picture would help incentivize them. Blue lived outside for all 4 years of his life and has not been properly socialized or trained at all. This means a lot of work because he's 95 lbs! Pledges will help to pay for pull fees, food, a bed, training & (hopefully not needed) any medical bills while he's in foster care! Any tiny little bit helps!!! ❀❀ #a5246787 #hopefullydenalisfuturebrother
"Hello muvver, now that you're awake it's time to play!!"
This is literally what i wake up to πŸ˜…πŸ˜
uhhhh that one is MY pillow Denali!!! #hestakingoverthewholebed #mypillowprobablyhasdroolonitnow
Happy boy! 😊
Ready for #maxandtitanbirthdaygiveaway !!! ❀ Happy birthday guys!! πŸΎπŸŽ‰
It's finally sunny out again! 🌞

Check out his new collar & leash set from @buckledownproducts ! I love it so much! πŸ¦‡πŸ˜…