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Denali the Rotty


Denali-Adopted Serbian Import Rottweiler-Way more work/energy/problems than I bargained for-8/27/2014 Sadie-Booshie-Puggle-Sausage- 5/10/2006

...that is not your bed
Update!!!! He was just rescued!!! He'll be mine in may ❤❤ ---
Hi friends! This is Blue, and he's been at the carson shelter since 12/31/18, and we're trying to get him out! We have a possible rescue to pull him, but pledges/donations on this picture would help incentivize them. Blue lived outside for all 4 years of his life and has not been properly socialized or trained at all. This means a lot of work because he's 95 lbs! Pledges will help to pay for pull fees, food, a bed, training & (hopefully not needed) any medical bills while he's in foster care! Any tiny little bit helps!!! ❤❤ #a5246787 #hopefullydenalisfuturebrother
"Hello muvver, now that you're awake it's time to play!!"
This is literally what i wake up to 😅😍
uhhhh that one is MY pillow Denali!!! #hestakingoverthewholebed #mypillowprobablyhasdroolonitnow
Happy boy! 😊
Ready for #maxandtitanbirthdaygiveaway !!! ❤ Happy birthday guys!! 🍾🎉
It's finally sunny out again! 🌞

Check out his new collar & leash set from @buckledownproducts ! I love it so much! 🦇😅
Throwback to this weirdo 😅
#tbt to the day we lost the group, aka lost the people with the water filters, & were dying of thirst for the last 2 miles of the hike. I was so relieved when we found this stream-Denali plopped right down to cool off! 😅
LOOK AT ALL THOSE WRINKLES!!!! 😍😍 i miss her
The christmas before & after. He's like a toddler...but way better 😅
Caught destroying his new ball!
Wiped out after opening her presents! Merry christmas everyone!! 😊
Crappy quality, but #throwbackthursday to this crazy husky 😅
Best buds! Jk, he doesn't like her 😅
Anyone want to adopt this little nugget? After 9 years her family dumped her at the shelter. 😢 She's ~11 years old and is THE SWEETEST dog in the world! She's blind and mostly deaf, and she has some allergy issues right now, but she's so full of love! All she wants to do is cuddle! 😍 & she's good with dogs! Let's find her a home for the holidays! 😊
This face 😍
Santa's 10th reindeer 😊