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The story of a mexican girl who lives around the world - From NYC to UK 🇬🇧 for a change of flavors. A pursuit of luxury & wellbeing.

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Close Up: Out of breath and feeling uber preggers but really, still drinking green juice, sticking to my style and heading to meetings. Pregnancy does not make women weaker, it just gives us some time to reconsider where we are going next before we pounce again. 🐆•• Que no se equivoquen, la vida de una mujer apenas comienza con un embarazo. #BodyPositive #34weekspregnant #coolmom #coolmum
Golden afternoons in England. Scouting the country for new projects... •• Aprovechando cada rayito de sol. 📸 @louisecareyphoto
Forever lost in koala cuddles.
A couple of days ago it was mother’s day in Mexico. My mother called me before I could call her not to congratulate me but to tell me I was doing an amazing job as a mother. It meant EVERYTHING.

It made me think about all the messages I have received from moms and the stories you have shared with me: 
The sleepless nights. The challenge of accepting a new reality, a new body; adapting to a completely different daily routine without loosing oneself while still learning how to be a better person for your little ones;  they are all part of motherhood. It is never easy - and it is certainly not always what most people expect from you. Everyone has an opinion of what you should be doing with your kids. How you should be raising them. But mommas; stop listening to the noise. It really is just clutter. Only YOU and your partner are their guiding star and know what is best for your babies. It is instinct and it is nature - so trust yourself and make time to spend with them, to listen and observe what they need and to get informed so you can make the best decisions. Stop questioning it all and start soaking up those little moments that fill up your whole life. 
And if in the process you get lost, find a little talisman to remind you of the power and impact your momma love has on your little ones life - just like our mother’s love has shaped us. It makes it all worthwhile. And- Happy Mother’s day USA! 
@miamedakjewelry #sponsored (but honest) Pegasus pendant comes in 2 sizes. #miamedakjewelry
Pre pregnancy yoga meant a sweaty workout followed by a long meditation everyday. Most days followed by barre, functional training or box... Now yoga is a 15-30 minute stretch sesh with hypnobirthing affirmations in the background ... when I get the time and energy for it - but those few minutes make all the difference. It reduces backaches. Improves my mood. Opens my appetite and forces me to slow down and realize that I am making a tiny human! #yogaeveryday If you are just starting or want to try out a home practice @yogaglo has some amazing classes! My faves with @elenabrower •• Me cambia la vida cuando saco el ratito. Recomendadisimas las clases de yoga en español con @lailakuri en por cierto. Las tengo en repeat desde hace un mes 💕 gracias Lai #yogamoms #yogamommy #pregnancyyoga #yogapregnancy #wellbeingblogger #wellbeingcoach #wellbeingjourney
Market Fridays in town at 34 weeks pregnant!?? We have been here for about a month now- Arg! When did this happen!? I love feeling kicks and feel sooo excited about what’s to come! New country, new home (our offer was accepted!) and New baby all at once! Yet, two pregnancies back to back have really tested my patience. I have so many projects and plans ready to go - on halt- for me to start after baby comes and I am just itching to get back to work at my usual pace! Until then, deep breaths. Lots of pampering, hypnobirthing and yoga practices - although admittedly I am not feeling that freaking Zen AT ALL this time. Second time mommas, any advice!?? •• Buscando distracciónes para matar tiempo e ignorar contracciones falsas. Quiero salir a correr, arrancar proyectos nuevos y tomarme un whiskey YA. #chicmom #londonmums #ukmums #pregnancyblog #pregnant_world #34weekspregnant #pregnantblogger
Getting my health freak ON for the last stretch of pregnancy (and post)! It wasn’t always easy to eat right while we were changing countries and moving around. After doing a 100% organic first pregnancy I have to admit I have been feeling guilty with this second one - even if I do eat healthy most of the time- my diet has been a bit more relaxed. Less natural. I have been craving sweet things (when I normally never like them) and even my Yoga stamina has been slow. A lot of second - time mommas have tell me this is normal. It just gets harder to dote on the bump with a little one around and that’s just life. But I am making a point to be as healthy as possible for this last month. Lets get those tiny taste buds used to the bitterness of kale! #gogreen #greenmomma #healthstreak •• Blue Spirulina green juice & fruits for brekky becauseI just feel better when I eat right. •• Me urge regresar a mi rutina saludable - la verdad es mucho más fácil seguirla en los trópicos
Happy 1st my little Koala bear! I can’t remember what life was like without you. I have never felt happier. Here is to many many more with you, daddy and the little one to come 🥂 💕•• Feliz cumpleaños chula - y lo que nos falta! . Also, can I just say I actually MADE this cake!? 😱 #firstbirthdaycake #firstbirthdayideas #chicmom #londonmum #londonblogger #mommablogger
Through the looking glass: First birthdays, antique mirrors in tea garden rooms & rocking flamingos. Currently living in some sort of wonderland. 💕 •• Cuando tu “normal” se vuelve todo menos ordinario.
I got lots of DMs asking about the bump: my little wiggle monster is growing fast and moving ALL the time. I can already tell her/his personality. Koala used to kick and push in bursts, this little one shifts around gently but moves - ALL - the time. I do wonder... boy or girl? I have the gut feeling (pun intended) that we might have another baby kola girl! •• Hagan sus apuestas! #32weekspregnant #chicmom #chicmum #bumpstyle #pregnancyblog #pregnancyfashion
Can anyone relate? I am finding it hard to take a minute for myself. For a while, I left my yoga practice and healthy lifestyle aside. Life sometimes just happens. Priorities and realities change - but whenever I feel life is spinning I always come back to THIS. At almost #32weekspregnant and after being sick for 2 weeks, I have been forced into a new rythm. New projects started popping up. Nothing is certain.  Dying to see where this will take us. •• Reinventando la vida una vez más. #wellbeingblogger #pregnancyyoga #englishcountryside #stamfordliving
Currently only fitting into loose jumpsuits and potato sacks - But its all good, babe, I can still squeeze behind the wheel of a convertible. Who said England had bad weather!? •• Aun no me creo el clima que hay! ¿No se supone que aquí llueve todo el año?  #ukliving #30weekspregnant #chicmom #chicmum 📸 @erick_alvadelaselva
Everything has changed in the last couple of weeks. From the busiest American city to the English country side. A new life completely but I still keep my morning routine and I am still using @lamer concentrate to save my skin. #TheConcentrate #lamerpartner