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my two favourite people in the world
3 DAYS until SWAN SONG... ⚔️🖤 @alitamovie #DuAlita
Home 🥰
after the rain comes the sun but I clearly love the rain and cold more because... Londonnnnn im coming homeeee ❤️❤️❤️
twas the night before flying home 🇬🇧 @ellajenkin
my mood when I hear that we’re gonna release SWAN SONG a day early because it’ll be ready then so why not!! That means its officially A ONE WEEK COUNTDOWN!!! 24TH JAN 2019 ⚔️🖤⚔️🖤 #DuaAlita @alitamovie
summer forever by force ☔️
i can’t believe this is real!! This prius would get a 5 star rating from me obvs . Thanks @gabz3003 and @j2theizzoe for this gem
it aint even that late
my 10 year challenge... well almost 🤣
“Auntie Dua” duties with lil miss Ivy Star 💅🏼 @lilly_keys 💕