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ma: avant // russia francina х spain | ford х france

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guys i really appreciate your concern about where my smile is but i beg you not to. nobody HAS to do a smile on the pictures. yes i smile a lot in my real life because at those exact moments i want to. but i don’t want to show you any fake emotions, my loves. ofc i have smiley photos of me but they are too personal for me and i want to keep them for myself only. i’m not complaining but you are making me a bit sad for asking that because i know i can’t always give you what you’re asking for. 
i love you all
indeed my dudes, indeed
ой кажется засыпаю
nothing to hide tho
sun hurts my eyes i guess you can clearly see that...
стою мёрзну
// turn your sadness into motivation. i did