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I make vidoes with my twin brother • Snapchat- ethandolan • ⬇️ NEW VIDEO ⬇️

Thanks for getting my back 💉
It’s nice today
Did some stuff to the jeep
The snow flake looks like booger
Dad, you were so much more to me than just my Dad. Although we were only granted 19 years here together it feels like we’ve spent a million lifetimes together. You are such a strong soul and you’ve made such a strong impact on more people than you would believe. I know you will always be with me but I want you to know that I will always be with you. You’re never alone Dad. You are the toughest man that I will EVER know. The pain you endured, physical and emotional, throughout your entire journey that you prevailed through is indescribable and I admire you so much for pushing through without a single complaint. You are the strongest man I will EVER know. The sacrifices you made for your family throughout your journey could not be done without prodigious courage. You always put others first even if it meant the worst for yourself. You are the sweetest most caring man I will EVER know. The consideration you had for everyone and anyone is truly heartwarming. You were a father figure and friend to all of my friends too. 
I could go on for eternity, I really could. 
When you were very sick you told us, “This disease may get my body, but not my mind and not my heart. As long as my heart is beating I will still be fighting.”
That is exactly what you did Dad. That is something I will always remember when faced with adversity. You fought the hardest fight. Cancer may have taken your life but with the strength and dignity you showed, and the inspiration you left us with, you won the battle Dad. 
I wanted to share this letter I wrote my dad so that I could help you understand the amazing person he was. He did so much good for the world and deserves recognition.
My outfit for the past week. I had to FaceTune my feet a little so they weren’t too scary, didn’t want them taking away from my pretty toes
too many people watched me take these photos
I spilled :/
Happy birthday Gray, no matter how old we get you’ll always have a belly to lean on. (we don’t know who is who in this pic we’re just guessing I asked my mom and she doesn’t know either)
uncomfortable because cold season
I’ve worn this outfit for the past 3 days trying to get a pic in it cuz I thought it was cool but probably not cool enough to wear for 3 days in a row
Got our Christmas tree