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🌞 Always enjoying the sun 🇧🇪 From Belgium 📍Living in Barcelona ⬇️ NEW VIDEO: Get fit for summer! 💪🏼

Check story of FARAH CUYVERS 🐆

Turned into art by @everythingbypaige.
Thank you! Love this so much 💙💙💙
Once a badass, always a badass! 🔥🤘🏼
AU NATUREL ✘ Just love that glowing feeling after a full day of sunshine and charged with vitamins 🙌🏼☀️
𝙰𝚍 | Not wearing any make up in this picture! After two weeks my lashes are still on point after a lash lift + tint with @beyoutiful.lashbrowbeauty 🐆.
I get up and I fall. I am strong but I am weak. I am fierce but I am emotional. Just as every human being; I have my insecurities and I have my flaws. Sometimes I cry out loud or feel totally lost. But no matter what happens or how you feel. The struggles, the weak moments, the doubts,... they are all part of being human and make you stronger. Because there are no ups, without the downs and it’s all part of the journey 🖤
𝙰𝚍 | Black boots from @ken_shoe_fashion
Feeling J U I C Y 🍊🌞 | If you haven’t already; check out my latest video on my youtube channel; HOW TO GET STARTED with a FIT & HEALTHY routine you can hold on to for long-term results💪🏼. (Link in bio 🎬)
Brazilian bikini @amabrasilll | hair by @lotushaireurope
I scream, you scream, we all scream... ICE CREAM 🍦@swiitbarcelona | white boots @ken_shoe_fashion 
I went for vanilla and cookies 🤩 & @alittleblondeinparadise picked cheesecake 🤤.
What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
Hello 911. I’m on fire 🔥
If you are what you eat I’d be a mix of avocado toast and açaí bowls 👅🥑.
What type of food would YOU be😋? ⬇️
A couple of years ago I went through a complete lifestyle & weight loss transformation. 
From being in a negative spiral of gaining weight, hating my body, feeling insecure and making the wrong decisions. 
TO… changing my lifestyle drastically and getting into a mindset of SUCCESS! 🏆
Losing 10kgs, having a healthy lifestyle I can keep up with and being full of confidence. Having loads of energy, strong hair, glowing skin, a balanced mind, feeling 1000 times better and working hard to make my dreams come true!
For the past years I’ve been working on myself to continually grow. I’ve been thinking about how I can use my blog and social media as a platform to inspire people and how to give back to the world.
Conclusion: It all starts with a good mindset and a balanced lifestyle you can keep up with! 
We all know to lose weight you gotta ‘eat less and exercise more’ SO… I don’t wanna be another fitness guru telling you to eat more broccoli or do more push ups. Why? Because we all know that already....
What we need to know more is how to find motivation? How to combine a healthy routine with the busy lifestyle you already have? How to get long term results instead of quick-fix solutions? How to get started?
So from now on I’ll be focusing lots more on how to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle + how to get into a mindset of success to unlock your full potential, reach your goals and SLAY in life. 💪🏼
To get started, I just uploaded a brand NEW FIT GUIDE full TIME-SAVING HACKS to develop a FIT & HEALTHY routine in an easy way! + BONUS: printable progress tracker & work out planner to get you started and keep you motivated. | Go to or click to link in bio to DOWNLOAD FOR FREE.
You can do anything you want as long as you have the right strategy and mindset to achieve it. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
𝙰𝚍 | MERMAID FEELS! 🧜🏼‍♀️ Got such long hair it doesn’t even fit in the photo 🙈 I LOVE IT! + they’re clips so I can take them out whenever I feel like it and they last forever.
Thank you @paulopequea for styling them in at @urb16 hair salon in Barcelona. 
If you wanna feel like a mermaid too this summer you can get your own hair extensions @lotushaireurope + 15% discount on all different types (clips or fixed) with code ‘farahinthesun’.
Would I beat you in a pillow fight??
Am I PLANT-BASED? (aka. Vegan) 🌱.
Well... let’s say 70%. I absolutely LOVE vegan food but still like to switch things up. I hate to put a label on my diet and ‘forbid’ myself things. So occasionally eggs, yogurt, salmon or cheese... Yeah! Not ready to let that go yet.
I can eat full vegan for a week and then really enjoy some sushi or tiramisu! 😋
I believe it’s all about balance and eating what feels good for your body. I make an effort to eat less animal-based food and meat has already been a big NO for a while.
Changing towards a healthy diet doesn’t happen overnight. But with small daily efforts, eating what feels good for your body and keeping a balance you’ll get along way ☺️🌱
Had a really nice brunch date with Daniel this morning at @thehealthiestchoicebcn
Hey tiger 🐅
Never thought love could feel this amazing ❤️ 🥰 @danmarti_
Don’t follow influencers, follow your dreams 🌞🌴
𝙰𝚍 | It’s that ‘hot in the ☀️, freezing in the shade 🥶’ kinda weather. 
So... taking my cookie monster jacket out for a walk!
Hair extensions by @lotushaireurope | 15% off with code ‘farahinthesun’
𝙰𝚍 | “Instagramming” in style with my new phone cases of @paradiseamsterdam.
Which one is your favorite? Pink or blue? 💫
10% discount with code ‘farahinthesun’ #paradiseamsterdam
𝙰𝚍 | Enjoying the first days of summer in Barcelona with mermaid hair 🌞🌊
Hair extensions by @lotushaireurope | 15% off with code ‘farahinthesun’