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Creativity, fun & craftsmanship since 1925.

To wear now and keep forever – discover the world of #Fendi watches, designed to stand the test of time. #ForeverFendi

Feat. @meghanroche, @hiandramartinez,  @mingxi11 and @marjanjonkman
Signature details transform easy everyday looks into directional fashion statements. 

Feat. @marjanjonkman
“The #FendiPeekaboo is eloquent yet strong, a resemblance I can now see in myself.” – @ciprianaquann.

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Just like sisterhood, the bond between women and their #FendiPeekaboo bags lasts a lifetime: @ciprianaquann and @tk_wonder for the #MeAndMyPeekaboo series.

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“I worked very hard to gain confidence and embrace the woman I am. My confidence, like the #FendiPeekaboo, is durable, lasting, and strong.” – @tk_wonder. 

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The #FendiPeekaboo take on sister style,  courtesy of the Quann siblings @ciprianaquann and @tk_wonder.  #MeAndMyPeekaboo

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Bonded by unconditional love and trust, the Quann sisters @ciprianaquann and @tk_wonder find the perfect match in each other – and their #FendiPeekaboo bags. #MeAndMyPeekaboo

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Sister act: the Quann twins, @ciprianaquann and @tk_wonder, captured in New York City for the latest episode of the #MeAndMyPeekaboo series. #FendiPeekaboo

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In the wake of this national tragedy, the Arnault family and the LVMH Group pledge their support for #NotreDame. They will donate a total of 200 million euros to the fund for reconstruction of this architectural work, which is an integral part of the history of France.
#Paris #Lvmh
A mix of street and glam, graffiti and traditional techniques: #FendiCraFF highlights the necessity of craftsmanship in the modern world.
Open in Beijing at Beijing SKP (first floor) until April 21st.
Now open: the #FendiCraFF exhibition in Beijing, where artisans from the #Fendi atelier host live Pop-Up Workshops showcasing their craft and creativity. 
Open in Beijing at Beijing SKP (first floor) until April 21st.
A unique #FendiCasa experience, as seen during the design fair #Mdw19 in Milan.