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Florence Pugh


Actor/SingerSongwriter with a weirdly low voice and a confusing laugh. Tzatziki goes with everything. Fact.

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‘The sea was as blue as Gatorade..’. William Wordsworth
Between a rock and a hard place.. #wouldonlyadviseifyouareiddy #itsquiteclaustrophobic

P.s this jumper is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made, two years and none of my feathers have flown away.. well done @ragyard xx
Chillin. #90’s
I will always need to hold my Grans hand. #grannythechampionoftheworld
Yes another.. ;) @thelastmagazine accepting my grumpy face. #iwasjustposingiswear!
My ultimate fave from @thelastmagazine shoot. 
The team that day was a dream and I’ve spent WEEKS talking about this day so IM SO SORRY to keep posting about it but... bad luck ;)
Such an exciting shoot for @thelastmagazine 🤘🏽 Shot by the amazing @paolakudacki and styled by @julieragolia all in a quick 2 hours before I jumped on a was so much fun though.
Read full interview by @annettella in my bio!
One mad NY week later, the gals are finally pooped. 
The lovely PGM ladies.. (Pugh, Gibbins, Mackin) #thankyouNY
Sisters and mums in NY. #pulledmybestpose
Before I spilt red wine down her trousers 👌🏽 #NYC
TADA! So.. adobe held a competition for college kids to design their own movie poster and the winning poster would then get MADE into a short film. After that it was up to the fantastic @zachbraff to choose one, write a script and ALSO direct the short. The poster that won was created by @_swest and inspired this entire fim😎 (pretty fecking cool) 
In The Time It Takes To Get There

Click the link in my bio to see the whole film!
I’m on my way. (Wearing £1 socks that I deeply regret putting on as I already have holes in my toes) #cantmissabargain