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Fred North


Helicopter stunt pilot for motion picture worldwide.#frednorth

I am in love ❤️❤️with helicopters as you all know but my real love ❤️ is the one behind  the scene supporting my pilot 👨‍✈️ craziness life you forever @fireandcreme @3marguerites
Before putting our lead actor on this cliff we needed to do a test run to make sure our downwash was not affecting the shot and make sure we were not getting salt spray on our long long lens :) @team5aerials @shotovercamera @filmmakersworld @hobbsandshaw @selajon @davidmleitch @lvjackpilot @lvhlikeaboss @theheliclub @jay_stone__ @combat_learjet @pilotstuff @jolly_pilot @peter_graf61 @ben_skorstad @airborneaviationhawaii @revolutionpix @nolzee1 #instahelicopter #helicopterpilot #helicopter #kauai #pilot#stunt #precision
Hobbs&Shaw Fast and Furious spin off movie is a wrap for us:( Was awesome to fly between the UK and beautiful Kauai with some serious action air to air sequences.
I wanted to thanks @davidmleitch @selajon for his precious vision on the movie 🎥 @cecilbrent @lvhlikeaboss  @universalpictures @kauaifilmcommission for this amazing opportunity..
@team5aerials @shotovercamera @jasonstatham @therock @brian_reynolds11 for his amazing Blackhawk helicopter @ben_skorstad @hbcine @peter_graf61 @heli_doug @danielsmithphotography @airborneaviationhawaii @noodleman54 @nolzee1 @hobbsandshaw @lvjackpilot @combat_learjet @pilotstuff @jolly_pilot @revolutionpix @jay_stone__ @filmmakersworld #kauai #stunthelicopter #helicopter #pilot #pilotlife #hobbsandshaw
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I will be one of the judge :) Repost from Shotover IG...
JUST ANNOUNCED: Legendary stunt pilot @fred_north of @team5aerials joins the @shotovercamera #SHOTOVERgetaway judging panel!
Specializing in the film industry for more than 30 years, Fred North is an expert in aerial cinematography, having accumulated over 15,000 hours shooting feature films and commercials, and more than 18,000 total flying hours. He has worked with such acclaimed directors as Michael Bay, Peter Berg, Justin Lin, David Leitch, JJ Abrahams, Sam Mendes, Stefano Sollima, and Shawn Levy.
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Very nice and cool from ...
@jasonstatham Two haircuts for the price of one! Courtesy of @fred_north, indisputably the most skillful heli pilot the world has ever seen. Getting the camera where it needs to be on Hobbs and Shaw for our final days of filming. A massive thank you to @therock for making this movie happen and for being the toughest, funniest, mountain of muscle I’ve had the pleasure of standing toe to toe with. This one I shall remember brother! 📸