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Jonathan Daniel Pryce


Photographer. Clients include Vogue, Vanity Fair, Esquire, GQ.

Privilege is invisible to those who have it.
Note to self : Never peel wet Polaroid’s on the beach. A windy day at Camber Sands for Qasimi on expired film.
Mr Lawrence London, photographed for Esquire May ‘19 • “For Your Eyes Only” story on ‘Only Fans’ stars, out now.
The sun set on my California adventure. Until next time Los Angeles ✌🏻
In moments of hardship remember, everything is a conversation away from being understood. — words with Jamie Wise in LA. See more in my instagram stories.
Midday Cowboy - Byron, Los Angeles (2019)
“I’m not sure that I have a geographic home. My parents feel like home but no physical space that I yearn for. I find peace in privacy and I manage to find that anywhere I go.” — Moving Downtown with Mr Nadav Heyman.
“For such an intelligent species, why are humans so inclined toward the detruction of themselves and their environment?” Spent the afternoon pondering life’s big questions with Mr Sam Morgan. The talented filmmaker is currently funding his latest film project - check it out at @thesammorgan #losangeles
Silver Skies, Silver Lake #garconjontakeover
“Your Feelings Are Always Valid, What You Do About Them May Not Always Be.” — Stevan on Sunset, photographed for @ccaliforniastyle.
The sun set on my American Dream. This weekend I’m taking over the @ccaliforniastyle instagram as I travel through east LA with some expired film. Remember, there’s more to SoCal than Coachella. #garconjontakeover
Do I look vulnerable to you?