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welcome to my life🌈💕 🥰MY BOOK IS OUT NOW🥰 #HeSaidSheSaidBook 👇🏼WATCH MY NEW VIDEO🎥

Check story of GIGI GORGEOUS 👸🏼

Bachelorette weekend is lit🔥
Off to our bachelorette weekend💚 I’M GETTING MARRIED SOON PEOPLE AHHH😝
Last night was amazing🎉 Thank you to everyone who came out and showed me all the love🙆🏼‍♀️ U make me so happy😭❤️ (📸: @gettyentertainment)
DO NOT DISTURB🖤 What a fun and dope experience starring in the new music video with @bellathorne and @steveaoki as the Countess🎬🔪 out now🌪🌪🌪
NEW STORYTIME, FAVES & GIVEAWAY VIDEO📣 Talking all about why my birthday this year was a disaster😫😭 link in my bio
no makeup kisses🥰 see u soon LA!
Okay this was totally a surreal moment. My brothers are I were on a boat in the middle of where the Atlantic and Pacific oceans meet and randomly.. right where the sun was about to set.. a huge “J” appeared in the clouds. Our Mom, Judy, was giving us all this epiccccc sign she was there with us enjoying the sunset. We couldn’t believe it! This overwhelming feeling of love came over me and we were all beaming with smiles. If you’ve lost someone special to you please don’t give up on them giving you a sign to show they’re still with you. It will come and you will feel it in some way, I promise! Happy Mother’s Day💖🌤
When the vacation is over😭💔 Seriously though had the best family time EVER. I couldn’t be happier🤗 Can’t wait for the 15th @ The Beverly Center in LA for my book signing📚✍🏼💕
photo by @warwicksaint
There are big ships and small ships, but my favorite ship of all is our relationship🛥💙⚓️
I’m a lion cub and I’m always getting licked👅 meow🐯
au naturel kinda vacay💕