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I do this, B!
I’m in a good place | @karlfergusonjr
Give Mia a disposable camera and you get back 25 photos of herself...and this.
gÿ satin collection
It was always a dream of mine to push the boarders of the realm of jewelry. I want to get it off of people’s necks and into peoples homes. Together with @ilovehash we created this artwork entitled “Cubans with the Jesus Piece”, consisting of a hyper-realistic drawing of Biggie Smalls and a pico Jesus piece, (that is the roughly the size of a tic-tac). It’s the smallest Jesus piece in the world. Biggie, my favorite artist, was a driving force of the cultural influence of the Jesus piece. This is a tribute to him. Happy birthday BIG, we love you.
90 outside we still in this bitch 🥊:@jonnyconcrete73
Smoov sailing ⛵️ | 🎥:@sureshgordon
Camo Enamo 🎨 👨🏽‍🎨 | 📷:@artmurri
My longtime friend and inspiration @valeriu_gutu had a very important day today and spoke in front of thousands of people as an expert in his field. He not only killed it but somehow got the whole crowd to say “fuck you greg!”. Congratulations bro, I am beyond proud of you. Much more success coming your way!
Them boyssssssss 📷:@miakang
He tried to steal my bike when we were 12 #Legend 📷:@arab_lincoln