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Ground Up gourmet restaurant

We Do Everything With Passion RSVP: 0819 0880 7800 Find Us: Waze | Google | Zomato Mon-Thu 11.00 - 22.00 Fri-Sun 11.00 - 23.00 Managed by

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We know you really want it! Come and taste it for yourself the authentic food crafted exclusively by Ground Up's Team ✨ #groundup #nopork #nolard
Thanks God Its Friday 😎 Explore more with Beef Teriyaki and worry less ! #groundup #nopork #nolard
Take a break for a moment and enjoy your Chicken Sambal Matah πŸ˜‹ #groundup #nopork #nolard
"Let the best win, for the better Indonesia." #groundup #nopork #nolard
Butter Rice Chicken would be a good companion for your lunch or dinner. See you around guys 😎 #groundup #nopork #nolard
Election Day 2019 is coming soon! Don't forget to vote for a better Indonesia and enjoy our Promotion ✨
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πŸ‘‰ Mark your calender: only on 17th April 2019
πŸ‘‰ Show us your inked finger
πŸ‘‰ Get free Ice Cream Toast Milk Bun
πŸ‘‰ Min. transaction Rp. 250.000,-
πŸ‘‰ Only for dine in
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April 17th 2019, Wednesday πŸ“Œ 
#groundup #nopork #nolard
Make your different lunch or dinner moment of the day with our menu Crumbling Chicken Sandwich's from ✨ #groundup #nopork #nolard
Terima kasih karna telah mempercayakan Ground Up Tebet sebagai lokasi untuk merayakan hari special kalian πŸ’–
Untuk kamu yang masih bingung mencari tempat untuk merayakan hari special kamu bersama sahabatmu, sekarang jangan bingung lagi yaa! Kan sudah ada Ground Up Tebet 😎 Langsung aja hubungi nomer yang tertera di BIO IG kami untuk reservasi πŸ“ž #groundup #nopork #nolard
Gak sempat mampir ke Ground Up karna terjebak macet? Go-Food aja langsung kerumah kamu! Bruschetta ini bisa kamu nikmati dirumah kok πŸ˜‰ #groundup #nopork #nolard
When you eat with your friends, that’s the moment of a real pleasure 'cos you really enjoy the connection & conversation that you have with them. And true friends won’t let you eat alone, you share it with each other πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ #groundup #nopork #nolard
Calm down, tomorrow is a new day that has a new opportunity πŸ™ In frame: Nasi Ikan Tuna Cabe Rawit #groundup #nopork #nolard
Have a good dinner, sweet people! Our special new menu Garlic Butter Crab Pasta might be perfect for you 😍 #groundup #nopork #nolard
Let’s take your lunch or dinner to another whole next level πŸ”₯ Who would ever thought it turns out so good? Wonder how does it taste? You know where to find us 😎 #groundup #nopork #nolard
Senang sekali diliput oleh acara @detektifrasa_trans7 dari @officialtrans7 πŸ™ thank you guys for choosing #GroundUp to be one of your recommended restaurants πŸ™‚
Nasi Goreng Hijau lengkap dengan topping Chicken Katsu 😍 Bisa dinikmati sebagai menu makan siang kamu bersama teman-teman kantormuuu~ karna menu kami yang satu ini hanya tersedia dari hari Senin sampai Jumat (11am - 5pm) πŸ“Œ #groundup #nopork #nolard
Welcome April ✨
Ketemu lagi kita dengan bulan yang baru, hari yang baru, dan tentunya semangat yang baru ! Kamu pantas untuk menikmati masakan yang lezat dan special untuk mengawali bulan ini.. Hanya di Ground Up Tebet yaa guys 😎 #groundup #nopork #nolard
Try out Ground Up's Carbonara Rice With Grilled Chicken, it will definitely melt your heart at the first bite πŸ‘… #groundup #norpork #nolard
That's why you need more ice cream today🍦 #groundup #nopork #nolard