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The new Radical blending perfectly into the clean clay court. 🔥
Clay season is here! Who’s ready to slide? 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️🎾
Introducing the all new Radical series with a clean design and Graphene 360 technology! #NoShotYouCantPlay
It’s time to get Radical! Tomorrow, April 15.
Prove the doubters wrong. From college player to Australian Open semi-finalist. 💪 @danimalcollins #NoShotYouCantPlay
Tricks shots at the ready! Could you do this? @dieschwartzman
There’s no fan you can’t inspire. What’s your inspiration? @taylor_fritz #NoShotYouCantPlay
Make sure every shot is Radical. @sloanestephens #NoShotYouCantPlay
Do you know which string Miami Open champion @ashbar96 uses? Swipe left ⬅️ to find out. 🔥
Who’s ready to get Radical? @taylor_fritz
Power through the week with the new Graphene 360 Instinct racquet. 💥
A sweet triumph in Miami! 🏆 @ashbar96 wins her first Premier Mandatory singles title! #BlinkAndYouMissIt #HawkTouch @miamiopen