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Efeme Temienor


Brand consultant | #GLITCH19 ambassador ⚽️ | @aamil_clo 👕 | snap: official_msfts 👻 | @paulpogba in “Football Needs Creators” 🎥

Tunnel Vison
My cage. My rules. 
Introducing the new @celticfc 2019/20 home jersey 🍀
Deep in thought🌷
Lovely meeting and speaking with you @ericbailly24. Welcome to the @pumafootball family👊🏾
Cactus jack sh*t. (Closest thing to Jumba Juice around here)🖕🏾🥤 @travisscott
A more ruthless game. Thank you for putting in the rounds, you caught me good with that left hook @seyi_f18. 🦍
No composure 🙃
My channel is in process!! Btw JJ you owe me money bro @ksi 😂
Going at lightspeed 🇦🇪
Long. Rangy. Thank you my brother, truly inspiring and can’t wait have a proper knock from you again @_r.ola 🙏🏾
Roll the dice 🎲
Making waves in Dutch football. Proud of you my brothers 🤩❤️
D.W from da jump📍
My @slimjxmmi 🤟🏾❤️
Now I’m on top it’s phenomenal🤪
What a performance last night from @romelulukaku. Let the talkers talk. 👊🏾
You will come back stronger, @hectorbellerin. No doubt my guy. 😢🙏🏾❤️