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These past few weeks have been so draining! I’ve been traveling, working, moving and going going going, at the same time still trying to maintain obligations and a decent social life lol!! This morning I slept in and it felt so good 😢 I’ve been dealing with so much anxiety I think because I’ve been feeling so thankful and happy that I’m so afraid it’ll be ripped away from under me. I don’t know if u guys are the same way? Like if u get a good grade you tell yourself that you won’t the next time? I’m trying not to do that and just accept the love and happiness that’s coming towards me. I just wanna say thank u to u guys for loving me! Also to all my amazing friends!!! Ily guys but my Gemini sign won’t let me express that irl ha. Your dms and especially drawings are so so lovely and I know how much time it takes. I’m truly thankful to have amazing people around me, irl and online!! I love this energy 💗 and yeah, we are finally all done moving out!!!
Takes a while to get the pic lol 📸 @mattebrooks ! In other news, happy Sunday everyone! If you’re reading this, take a deep breath and be grateful we get to be here, right now. If you’re anxious about the future, or have similar feelings to that they’re all valid! Personally I’ve felt that gratitude has definitely helped me deal with that. Every breath, hug, and thought is so wonderful. You’re amazing fam ⭐️ also congrats to my sis! I’m an uncle now!! ⭐️*feels age
Who's ready for that glass skin look? You guys know I absolutely love the @vdlus Lumilayer Primer to prime the skin! VDL is now available at @ultabeauty! #vdlus #ultabeauty
One day a Malaysian boy with makeup and a floral top will be on a major magazine cover, but until then we will continue to work on publishing on our own. I’ve been so lucky to have such creative, amazing people around me to push me and uplift me, most of whom are queer and POC. I also have the greatest community that speak only of kindness and compassion! I love you guys, WE are amazing ⭐️ let’s continue pushing for inclusitivity and acceptance. Happy Asian Pacific American Heritage Month! Shot @christianyi_
Been loving @ohiibeauty so much! I tried their Skin Quench Spray Serum and Get Fresh toner pads to prep my skin and I love! Super portable and easy. Packaging is super minimal and cute! Both products contain Apple, Lentil, and Watermelon extract for that healthy glow!#ad #ohiibeauty
❌⭕️ New York was amazing to me
Forever mood 💗 my interview with @thecools with @acatinheat is up now! Link in bio 💗 shot by the amazing @messinaphotos (i filtered it!)
I have been using this duo from @biossance to achieve glowing radiant skin! Biossance focuses on non-toxic sustainable ingredients that provide results! First I go in with the Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Mask for a morning pick me up, and then a few drops of the Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil. Glass skin made easy! It makes makeup application that much better as well. Squalane hydrates and moisturizes the skin while Vitamin C visibly brightens while providing antioxidant benefits! #biossance #biossancepartner
Pondering if I should have another slice 🍕(always yes)
Shot+retouch by @jonsams 
Filtered by me haha
Makeup deets
#hourglass mineral veil primer
#joahbeauty natural foundation
#loreal infallible concealer
#fleshbeauty blush in glaze
#rimmellondon eyeshadow palette
#milkmakeup kush brow gel hydro
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Cut my own bangs and “I don’t know what to do” lookin’ like a sad martian
❌ Soaking in that LA sun ❌
Starry eyed ⭐️ tell me one thing that makes you special :) ⭐️