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✨🐢✨ Signing Chelone. Thank you everyone, we’ll be sending these out very soon 🙏
Eternal Journey @lottemuseum April 4 - Sept 1, 2019
🐯 on copper
✨🐢✨ Chelone Process. Print release ends soon. Don’t miss it 👉🔗inBio
Archival metallic paper and diamond dust ✨💎✨ Release ends Feb 13 at 7:59am PST 👉 🔗 in BIO
Transformation. ✨🦀✨ Chelone time-limited print available now for 24hrs only. 👉🔗inBio #embossment
✨🐢✨ Chelone. Now available for the next 24hrs only. 👉🔗 in Bio
Chelone ✨🐢✨ Releasing tomorrow, Feb 12 at 8am PST for 24hrs only. Produced on archival metallic paper with dimensional and silkscreened details 🔗 in Bio
🌊🐢🌊 Chelone underpainting. The print releases February 12, 8am PST for 24hrs only. 🔗 in Bio
Searching for color 🔦🌈 WIP for @lottemuseum .
📸 @ericnakamura