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Hobbs and Shaw in theaters August 2nd. Check @hobbsandshaw for the new trailer. #HobbsAndShaw #FastFurious
@mclarenauto #720sspider
The one and only......
Thank you to @jonasakerlund and @bcompleted for their great artistic vision on shooting the @saleen commercial. Coming soon....
Massive thank you and respect to my good pal @jmoontasri for all the knowledge and kicking me into shape for Hobbs and Shaw. Also a big thank you to @hyperflylaurenz for all the training gear!#hobbsandshaw
Hobbs and Shaw
Two haircuts for the price of one! Courtesy of @fred_north, indisputably the most skillful heli pilot the world has ever seen. Getting the camera where it needs to be on Hobbs and Shaw for our final days of filming. A massive thank you to @therock for making this movie happen and for being the toughest, funniest, mountain of muscle I’ve had the pleasure of standing toe to toe with. This one I shall remember brother! 📸
Day 1 on “Hobbs & Shaw” movie. Getting the instructions from an old pal and the Director of our film @davidmleitch. Massive respect to you Dave for the incredible vision and scope you have planned for this movie. There are big things to come! The other big thing to come will be arriving imminently, that’s if he can peel himself away from his stack of pancakes. My partner in crime on this one, the colossal and world wide loved and respected @therock 
Just warming things up for you brother! See you on British soil soon.
#HobbsAndShaw @universalpictures
A massive thanks to everyone that went to see The Meg over the last week or so. For the second weekend it has remained the #1 movie in the world! It’s great success is down to everyone turned  up and I’m so grateful for the solid support. This really does make all of the hard work and effort worth it.
#themeg #1movieintheworld