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Artist and Blogger!☺️💖✨ Body Positive, E.D. Recovery! Please give credit if you share any photos! Thanks!☺️💖 #fashion #recovery #lifestyle #art

✨🦀🦐🦑Fashionable Sea Creature Vibes🦑🦐🦀✨
✨🧡Had to illustrate the beautiful @seaofshoes looking super chic with her gorgeous 70’s vibes!🧡✨
✨🦐Porcelain Prawn🦐✨
❤️😍Best Valentines Day EVER!!😍❤️
✨💖Staring at these gorgeous Shimps X Converse shoes!💖✨
✨🐆Mellow Yellow🐆✨
✨💖Cheers to Chanel!💖✨
✨💖Day Dreaming in Dior and Vintage💖✨
✨💖Illustration I drew of the super stylish @mariejedig 💖✨
✨💖Love this outfit!!💖✨
✨Queen Victoria, by Sir Francis Leggatt Chantrey, 1941✨
✨🖤Standing with some of Matisse’s beautiful bronze ladies🖤✨
✨Totes artistic✨
✨💖Warmer of the winter days💖✨