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Artist and Blogger!☺️💖✨ Body Positive, E.D. Recovery! Please give credit if you share any photos! Thanks!☺️💖 #fashion #recovery #lifestyle #art

🌞Easy like Sunday morning🌞
🌸🐚Sipping tea and sketching swans🐚🌸
🌧Rainy days🌧
🍭Psychedelic vibes🍭
🍬Just a reminder🍬
🐟Still life with Golden Bream, Francisco de Goya (1808-12)🐟
💖🐇Happy Easter every bunny!🐇💖
💖🐇Easter colors🐇💖
💜😅Shortly after this photo was taken I fell off😅💜
🍬Candy Colours!🍬
Hey Everyone!! The contest I’m hosting with Jord watches is still open for entry! Just go to this link and sign up! The winner of the contest will receive $100 to the Jord watch of their choice, and all entries will receive a 10% off coupon to the Jord watch website!! YAY! These watches are beautiful, definitely go enter!!☺️💖✨
✨Old Céline✨
When to the Hello Kitty Cafe earlier this morning, and met the sweetest people!☺️💖✨