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☾ Sugar Venom ☾


📍Cape Town •South African 🇿🇦 ✌🏽 •Co owner of WOLF&I @wolfandishop •Collabs: [email protected] •One half of @thetittylickers_ 🤘🏽

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Fucking winter stealing my freckles from me!!
You used to call me on my home phone... but I have a cellphone now and didn’t give you my number 🤣 
@triffidswim shot by @cameron_hammond @_rachelgill_
Adding some pretty special necklaces to my collection ❤️ happy Friday!
#tb to that one time I was a Maldivian pirate... Apparently drinking some unrecognizable energy drink and smoking Camels makes you one? #Maldives #spiritanimal
My sweet ganja baby @amyleemantooth
😁🤙🏽 #happychappie
My face after this weekend at @retreatyourselffestival because all my wishes came true! || @cameron_hammond @_rachelgill_ @triffidswim
So ready to retreat myself...
Rising Woman
Floating @cameron_hammond || @_rachelgill_ for @triffidswim #capetown #ateam
Starting Friday the right way 🍸 with @triffidswim shot by @cameron_hammond || styling @_rachelgill_
This time next week we will be hitting the road again! @amyleemantooth #intothewild #southafrica #roadtrip