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new single “7 Wonders” is out now ⬇️

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This is myself and Madden Reese. An exceptional artist I’ve been producing. She is so talented and I can’t wait for the world to hear her! @Maddenreesemusic
Her eyes were a shade of green, make a grown man slow down and think. I was leavin in the morning but maybe I’ll change my flight 
Nervous out 05.31.2019
And I spun around and found out the reason why. 
Nervous out 05.31.2019 📸: @whitneywoof
Quarter to nine when this whole bar went quiet. 
Nervous out 05.31.2019 📸: @whitneywoof
05/31/2019 - NERVOUS
This is a short blip of things to come! A cover of my very first single YOUNG recored in June Lake with my lovely girlfriend Tiffany Ray Mallari!
|catching all the fish| in June Lake, CA
Its here!!! Go listen, share, sing along, and tell me all about it PLEASE!! Co-written by myself, @emily_landis and @jakescottmusic in my Nashville airbnb! Link in bio.
New song out tonight at 12:00am! @traemallari gave me goosebumps everywhere I went on tour this year. No matter how hard I tried to fight the feeling, I can’t deny that the Ocean is Blue, The Niagara Falls are Majestic, and I’m head over heels for her!!
There’s Heaven on Earth, Seven Wonders, and You.

New Song coming: 
Seven Wonders
Friday - 4/26/2019
Just spent the last 4 days singing for this undeniable LEGEND!! @benatargiraldo ! Spyder and Pat are idols, living 80’s Rock Gods!! So....#Goals for sure! It is artists like Pat Benatar that make the dream look alive and possible.  Her songs have stood so strong through time and I would be lucky enough to shed a glimpse of the light that she has in her lifetime.  What a beautiful soul, strong woman, and a voice of hope, love, heartbreak, and strength!!
Times on tour #tuesday lemme Flashback For a sec to these little yellow chicks behind me:) #graffiti #graffitialley #Wickedtour #Wicked #Torontomusic
Until next time winter! 📸- @traemallari
If you want to feel something, go listen to my single, YOUNG - ITS UP EVERYWHERE! 

Thanks to @jakescottmusic and @jaydemarcus for producing this song!
I’ve climbed this tree at my grandmas house a million times, but it has never been as exhilarating as the first time. 
YOUNG - 03/22/2019
I used to think I could fly....
Young - 03/22/2019