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Interior Designer | Architect | My travels, my work, my inspiration. Award winning professional firm 20+ years. đź“Ť New York, NY

This Earth Day we would like to celebrate the work of Mexican architect Javier Senosiain who since the 1980’s has been at the forefront of building a more sustainable world and truly original interiors.  #worldofinteriors #organicarchitecture
The Emma Hotel in San Antonio was originally built as the Pearl's Brewhouse in 1894 and became a city landmark ever since. Designed by Chicago architect August Maritzen in the Second Empire style. Maritzen specialized in breweries, designing more than eighty in the US, Canada and South Africa. Thanks for the tour @adkurian
Don’t mess with TX #brickwork
The brand new and very chic-millennial  Forty Five Ten New York outpost at Hudson Yards. #retaildesign #worldofinteriors
“The essence of Minimalism is simplicity, but simplicity without depth is merely cheap. It is not enough.” #tadaoando
Who doesn’t love a bright yellow striped tent in your guests’ weekend bedroom? #capitalcinteriors #worldofinteriors
In great company at the Nasher in Dallas #calder #henrymoore #hepworth #sterlingruby #serra #rodin
Feels like visiting a good old friend @anson_eleven restaurant #capitalcinteriors
When you invite the National Gallery of London into your guest’s bathroom... #capitalcinteriors
I’ve never met a forest green mohair I didn’t love. @thefutureperfect #casa #worldofinteriors
Touring Google’s very vast and impressive headquarters in Chelsea. Here is a corner of their multiple cafeterias.
@david.chipperfield dabbling between architecture and sculpture; form and function for #casa @thefutureperfect
Perfect @david.chipperfield townhouse for our friends @thefutureperfect Thanks for the tour! #casa #worldofinteriors
Beautiful evening at the legendary Pool restaurant in the Seagrams Bldg. Congrats @josephlapiana awesome work in Park Ave. Thanks also to @_nadinejohnson_ and @aidan_carey
Many still theorize that insects prefer not to nest on blue porch ceilings because they are fooled into thinking the blue paint is actually the sky. Not a very blue sky this morning anyway but still beautiful.
Ready to take on the new week. Not. But loving my new magazine rack! #capitalcinteriors #worldofinteriors
Throwback to this project w Frank Faulkner in Manhattan from 2005!  Reminds me that timeless is timeless. #capitalcinteriors #worldofinteriors