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Les bateaux de l’île de Migneaux au printemps, au coucher de soleil et pendant l’hiver. 🍃
Portinho da Arrábida, 45 mins away from the city centre of Lisbon 💙 Can you see the shape of a crocodile with the hills in the distance? 🐊
Where I’d rather be 🌱
The most eastern point of Europe & probably one of the places with the most wildflowers in Europe 🌺🦋
Top 10 photo spots in London 🍃 Here is a collection of some beautiful places in London and where you can also find them.
1. Hampstead Heath Park, by the lake at the main entrance, with a view over these cute houses and a couple of swans 🦢 
2. Primrose Hill, Chalcot Crescent - this stunning and colourful London houses are pretty in any setting whether it’s a snowy winters day or a lovely spring morning. 🌺
3. Regent’s Park during the cherry blossom season (April and May) - I love this park so much. If you explore the whole park you’ll be able to find a stunning waterfall too! 🌱
4. The view of the Shard from London’s Sky Garden. The access to this viewpoint is free but you have to get a free ticket online anyway. The views from here are amazing, you can see all of London, including Tower Bridge, St Paul’s, BT Tower and more! 📷
5. Warwick Avenue, Little Venice Canal - I adore this walk along the canal during the summer, the boats are so colourful and walking along here just brings a different perspective to London life. 🚣‍♀️ 6. Big Ben! At the moment, there is still a lot of scaffolding around this touristic attraction, but it’s still one of my favourite photo spots! 💛
7. Westminster & the London Eye - this is such a charming area of London. There is always something going on and its always full of life! ✨
8. Covent Garden and Neal’s Yard - a super colourful yard of cute shops, cafes and vegan restaurants. 😋
9. St Paul’s Cathedral, an iconic monument which is often crowded but still has unprecedented beauty. 🇬🇧
10. Holland Park, the Japanese Gardens - here lies a little oasis in London with friendly squirrels, peacocks and all sorts of birds that enjoy the setting of a peaceful waterfall in a bustling metropolis. 🦋
Evening colours in Lisbon 💛 At sunset I recommend walking to one of Lisbon’s many ‘miradouros’ (viewpoints) for a unique and colourful view of the city 🍃✨
Landscapes from C o r o n 🌱🌺 (Palawan, The Philippines)
Portugal’s hidden gem: Praia da Ursa 💙🦋 This picturesque beach may not be easy to access but it’s definitely worth a try! ✨
One of Lisbon’s neighbouring towns, Cascais 🌺 If you’re visiting Lisbon, I really recommend spending an afternoon exploring Cascais. It’s a beautiful seaside village with amazing architecture, lovely restaurants and pretty beaches. 🦋
Views for days 🌊 After gazing at this view for a while, we went for an amazing lunch at the little seafood restaurant you can see on the bottom right hand corner 💙
Lisbon’s colourful trams 🚃💛
Yesterday we discovered this little paradise outside of Lisbon 🦋
San Francisco or Lisbon? 👀 For those who don’t know, this is a famous bridge in Lisbon, and this viewpoint is by the Cristo Rei statue. We have just arrived in this beautiful city so, ‘bom dia’ Lisboaaaa 🇵🇹💛
Cutest turtle I’ve ever encountered 🐢💙
Stormy skies on remote islands 🌩🍃
A couple of furry coo’s 💛
Hola monito 🐒
Back to the beach sooon 💛 I remember taking this photo in Bocas del Drago, Panama and looking back on it fills me with wanderlust & joy ☺️🦋🦋