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Daughter of Thanos. Killer of men. Fan of fish fingers and custard.

Some shots from my time at Cannes Film Festival back in 2013. I’d just finished on Doctor Who and was blindly wandering into the next chapter of my life. That was fun.
The girls and the brothers
Critics Pick in the @nytimes?!!! Incredible review. All Creatures Here Below is out TOMORROW in select theatres and on digital. @dastmalchian and I enter-what I can only assume is-the darkest territory we will ever play in in our careers. It was scary and challenging and so rewarding to push our boundaries to bring these people to life. #allcreaturesherebelow
‘All Creatures Here Below’ is a movie I made with @dastmalchian and it’s coming out THIS FRIDAY in select theatres and on digital. PS: it’s not for the faint hearted. #allcreaturesherebelow
How to say goodbye to your dad when he’s got a cold but you still want to hug him. #offtoberlin #gunpowdermilkshake
This amazing moment right as we wrapped on the next Jumanji film OUT THIS CHRISTMAS!!! Just wait for this next installment...watching these performances had me in ACTUAL PAIN from laughing so hard. But, like, a GOOD pain. A pain you’ll want to pay for. 😂😂😂
@therock @kevinhart4real @jackblack @nickjonas @awkwafina #jumanji
Typical girls night in with @malielfman #horrormoviefans #nerds
Last day off before I embark on the next adventure. Berlin, here I come! #gunpowdermilkshake
💋 📸 @kat_in_nyc 
@1883magazine cover shoot. Out now! 
Photographer @kat_in_nyc 
Styled by @isewhitestylist 
Make up by @josephcarrillo 
Hair by @claudiobelizario
Can’t believe we’ve actually wrapped on the next Jumanji movie! It’s taken me a few days to decompress and get my head on the next project. But for now, here I am thinking back on what an incredible experience it has been to make not one but two of these things! The original Jumanji is in my top 3 films of ALL TIME! So it’s sufficiently insane to think I ended up in the game myself...with three brilliant men to play with @therock @kevinhart4real and @jackblack. I haven’t laughed that hard in my life. Can Christmas please hurry up now?  I want to go to the cinema and watch this thing. #jumanji #rubyroundhouse Photos by @hhgarcia41
Don’t care that it’s Sunday. Still gonna get that work in. Like my Jumanji co-stars @therock and @kevinhart4real always say: no days off. #hardestworkerintheroom