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🌸uf alumna🎓 🌼@gymshark athlete💪🏼 🌸do it: #fromtheinsideout 🌞 🌼SHOP MY GYM BAE MERCH💕

Two giraffes pretend they’re gangsters. 🤣🦒Tag your training partner/SOS a friend, here’s your next HIIT workout! 💪🏼💦🆘👯‍♀️
🐰Bunny hops (50), Jump lunges (20), High knees (50), Tuck jumps (20), Jump switch squats (20). ✅Repeat 3-5x. I personally love simple moves for body weight plyometrics because it lets me focus on intensity/exertion rather than choreography. I like to keep those fun moves for dancing in between sets. (Make sure to land light on your feet on the way down from each jump to protect your knees). Gooood luck this one will get ya sweaty + (smelly!!!)💦😅💩👏🏻 @gymsharkwomen @annielonglife 💕
2 INGREDIENT PANCAKES! I’m bringing back #karinaskitchen.🤪💗

This recipe is so so simple + full of energy to help superpower you thru your day. Yummiest pre workout snack too.💪🏼 Plus it tastes like sugar, spice and everything nice. ✅Combine 2 eggs + 1 mashed medium banana and/or sweet potato- I made both. (THAT’S LITERALLY IT). Cook w/coconut oil so it’s easier to flip + top w/ your fave fruit, yogurt, granola, honey, etc. ⚠️PS! I def don’t recommend the cinnamon challenge.☠️😂 Let me know if you want to see more Karina’s kitchenz!!! Have a fab day.☀️✌🏻
jump out of your mind + into your body. my daily meditation. 💪🏼✨✌🏻#fromtheinsideout hope you peeps are having a lovely week!💓
This has been one of my favorite go to HIIT workouts for years! I go as fast as I can on the stairmaster for 100 steps (then pause to catch my breath) and repeat 5x! It takes less than 10 minutes and guarantee you won’t be able to walk after 😅😂. (Hi my name is karina and I’m a derp!) 👋🏼HAPPY FRIDAY FRIENDS. 💗💗💗
Busy getting better. Living in the light. #fromtheinsideout💪🏼💗🌞 @gymshark .
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Sending you sunshine vibesss via California! 🌈❤️Where are you schnitzelheads from? ☺️💪🏼🌎
A little post-workout playtime! Practicing pistol squats to heel stretch + burpee boxjumps. 💪🏼💗✨ @gymshark
Playing tag with my pupperoo on the beach, my idea of a pawfect night. 💗💙💗💙
Happy Monday!!! Feeling extra motivated over here. I read a quote the other day that said- “it’s all about who you know, as long as that WHO is YOU.” ... *mic drop* absolutely loveee that❣️😱🙏🏼 People will (probably, definitely, highly likely) disappoint you + vice versa at some point. It’s up to you to take full responsibility and show up for yourself every damn day. Let’s go! 💗💪🏼 @gymshark
EARN IT!💪🏼💗😤#strongnotskinny #chickswholift #fromtheinsideout #gymshark66
....wait for ittt!! 😂🤣🤣A HIIT beach workout with my babyboy @dashdood.😍🐶He’s reminded me how to enjoy the simple, childlike things again, like playing and running around outside! 🤪Life has a beautiful way of giving you exactly what you need, at always the perfect time. Trust your journey. ✨🙏🏼@dashdood ❤️Here are some bodyweight moves you can do anywhere. (I like to repeat 15x each for 5 rounds). Exercise isn’t complicated, it’s instinctive, sometimes humans just make it more extra than it needs to be lol. My mantras: Do something active everyday and do it from the inside out. Sending you all the sunshine vibesssss! 😘☀️💛✨(edit: #FREETHENIPPLE)