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BY WAKIMUKUDŌ The First Finnish Day Cafe in Central Jakarta Made and Designed From The Heart An Indie Cafe with a Lake of Our Own #Kokonutcurtains

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Only when you appreciate simplicity, that you truly know the beauty of the present moment. When one understands the way of the heart, they can dictate that of another. Thoughts are like radio frequencies , it can be easily picked up by ones who understand the way of the heart.
What makes your heart sing? What lifts your soul, as if it were flying on its on accord? Is it the textures on your fingertips or the gentle hues that intertwine in patterns up the wall. Is it the smell of hay in a warm summer day? or the mesmerising sculpture that catches shadows on your morning walk? Allow yourself to be lost in these passions.
@cosmoindonesia featuring us.
Hi all, ONLY FOR TODAY on the 16th of February, we will be closed for a private event at 03.00 pm until closing hours. Tomorrow we open as usual. See you all soon! Have a great week ahead!
Our @wakimukudothelabel tshirts can be purchased in our location for Rp 400,000 . All of our tshirts are especially crafted and designed in Finland by our Wakimukudō Team. Our tshirts’ are inspired by nature, the heart and feelings of positivity!
when you see nothing with your eyes, go closer with your heart.
Happy Valentines Day! The wisest men walk alone, they seek their knowledge from the skies, untarnished by mass perspectives. Yet have the courage to bring it back to us with conviction. These are true men. Let’s not shun your ideas, new ideas but embrace the changing world that they foresee. Let us each other to raise the bar but not be scared of stepping into the unknown. Ladies gather your strength may this Valentines be about love for each other not just one other. We have too much strength in our hearts to ignore the changes we can make, by accepting and encouraging new ways to think, feel, and live. Listening to the quietest yet most certain voice of our hearts.
Kokonut & Curtains made it to the top 5 tatler picks of new eateries in 2019. Cited article: February 13 Tatler Indonesia. Thank you 🙏🏻
Morning blues? Start your day with a fresh sip of coffee or a coconut at ours. Secret be told: our location is best ventured in the morning, where silence is met with morning mists and calamity. It is a guaranteed escape from your hectic life! A secret amongst our staffs, our location is the most beautiful early in the morning between 10-11!
Valid only on February 14th. The first ten couples.
The pain of anticipating loneliness is derived from a lack of confidence in oneself. Never will you be truly left alone -until you delve into the company of your own heart and the strength that exists within yourself! Embrace the emptiness that you may think is loneliness, as it is a necessary state for you to interlace your way into the world.
And at the end of the day, simplicity is the key to understanding love.
Togetherness is simplicity. Simplicity is togetherness. Like the taste of coconut, so subtle yet its sweetness lingers in the tip of one’s tongue. photoshoot at Kokonut & Curtains
It is when you truly realise the beauty found in simplicity, that positivity will thread your path and all your decisions. Find beauty in the simple taste of the lingering coffee, the sound of the birds chirping outside your window pane, even the beauty of sunsets from where you are. At ours you can appreciate this simplicity in its fullest!
Energies are contagious. Pay careful attention at how your heart responds to every interaction. You’d realise the mind can be fooled - but never the heart!
Fresh Morning. Stay close to people who make your heart sing, energies are contagious; let your heart be your best judge. Who makes you feel positive? Who enables you to truly feel your heart?