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BY WAKIMUKUDŌ The First Finnish Day Cafe in Central Jakarta Made and Designed From The Heart An Indie Cafe with a Lake of Our Own #Kokonutcurtains

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In the middle of the hustle and bustle. Amongst the layers of crowd that exist on our planet and that too of others; lies the simple silences of the glistening stars. Reminding us yet again, to be peaceful like nature.
We open at 12 PM. No matter who you pick tomorrow; come and celebrate upon the freedom of choice with a juicy coconut 🥥!
Positive thoughts bring about positive outcomes. Positive people bring about positive friendships. Don’t let negativity distract your day, be positive in each moment!
Speak to your heart, listen to your heart. Your mind wavers but your heart doesn’t. Watch the way the leaves move upon it - brushing against the wind, do you not feel closer to your heart - as you watch the simplicity of nature? Your heart is simple.
Live in simplicity for it unlocks the true meaning of creation.
Who you surround yourselves with truly matter. Energies are like water. Watch your thoughts and behaviour upon spending time with another; your heart is the compass to which your mind resonates. Positive people will bring upliftment to your soul; as negative ones will trigger negative thoughts. Select your surroundings well. It matters.
Starting this mid month of April, and also in time for your buka puasa in May. We will start serving our own brand coffee @titikmaniscoffee at our @kokonutcurtains outlet. Starting in May we will have them available to be sold in striking packaging to our guests. Each of our beans are roasted from the understanding the sentimentality of the soul. For us, your coffee and coffee roasting is a way of being. The process of roasting the beans is a way to connect to the heart - Wakimukudō. You will taste it upon sipping each cup.
Live and thrive in positivity, for what you think you attract.
Yonder in the sensation felt upon hearing the melody of the rustling leaves, for it speaks to you more than the ways of the loud and the pollute.
When you seek for an answer seek it not from thoughts from another, but from how flowers grow and clouds move; for nature connects you to the true core of your heart.
Listen to the humble voices of your heart, it speaks to you in the way first petals form. Thrive in positivity and march forth to the rhythm of your heart !
When in doubt, look at the sun and watch how light illuminates pavements that are dark and dim.
Bask in the sweet sensation of sunlight that overwhelms your corneas upon its first reaching. Nothing beats morning light of positivity.
At the end of the day, plainness and simplicity is the key to it all. Live in simplicity and humility, for it will enrich your heart more than you know.
Know that, your heart knows best. Above all else.
Follow your heart, wherever it leads you. You can never go wrong for it is a golden compass that directs you to invisible paths of positivity. Trust in it as it too will guide you in its silence.
Instil yourself with the wisdom of the past, the archeological findings created with true wisdom and bring it to the present day aesthetic design. Live in the present with the solitary wisdom of the past. @wakimukudothelabel
Despite it all, positivity should be the goal for all. For in positivity you will find love. Keep threading each step in positivity, for you will find true success through listening to your heart.