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We’ve been engaged for nearly 2 years now and I get asked all the time when we will get married. Truth is, I used to think I wanted a big lavish wedding when in reality all I want is to have my closest family and friends there to share a special moment with me and jack. 4 years together..... he just needs to learn to accept that, he will be taking pics and videos of me for the rest of our lives... till death do us part BABY 👀❤️
Honestly speaking the word “health” used to mean something completely different to me 5 years ago to what it does today. 5 years ago it used to mean looking a certain way but today it means feeling a certain way. 
Health means happiness to me. It means that I’m becoming more and more confident in my ability, my own skin and my own body. It’s about going to the gym because it makes me feel good not because I have to! Because I feel powerful and stronger not because I need to have a constant six pack all year round. 
I remember thinking I needed to eat less in order to look better. Now I realise that nourishing my body is what I’ve always needed NOT DEPRIVING. Don’t get me wrong I have so many days I feel like shit but I remember that this is a lifestyle and my journey will never be linear it will be one big mess.... but I mess I love. 
So remember to embrace your journey because you’re doing great!

Here I am flexing and messing around because well why not! Let’s flex and sweat  together 
@toneandsculptapp 💙
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I have been SO BUSY lately that training has had to be quick and super effective! Home workout it is today. My @toneandsculptapp girls already know about them home workouts!

METHOD: 1 chair and 1 cutie (yeah that’s you) needed!

1️⃣ Curtsy Lunge Abductions: 12 Reps each leg 3 sets 
2️⃣ Incline Push Up: 15 Reps 3 sets 
3️⃣ Kick backs: 12 Reps each leg 3 sets 
4️⃣ Split Squats: 12 Reps each leg 3 sets 
5️⃣ Tricep Dips: 15 Reps 3 Sets 
SONG: Vibe / Trey Songz, Jhene Akio, 2 Chainz
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I’ve been none stop since being in LA so a quick upper body session is a must. If you’re busy or train 3-4 times a week definitely give this a go.

Oh and that’s all sweat right there I was dying 😩😩!!! METHOD:

1️⃣ Dumbbell Push Ups: 5 Sets Till Failure. If you struggle doing a push up you can do them kneeling.
2️⃣ SUPERSET: Thumbs Down Side Raises 10 Reps followed by Single Arm Rear Delt Flies 10 Reps each arm. 3 Sets
3️⃣ Bent Over Kick Backs: 8 Reps with 5 second hold. 3 Sets 
4️⃣ SUPERSET: Bicep Curls 10 Reps followed by Single Bicep Curl 10 Reps 3 Sets

Song: 50 Cent / Hustlers Ambition
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I had to give you this killer full bod workout from the @toneandsculptapp home guide because honestly as amazing as weight training is... never underestimate body weight workouts! 7 exercises 3 rounds under 30 mins🌟. There are NO excuses


1️⃣ Ski Jumps: 30 Reps (15 each side) 
2️⃣ Jumping Squats: 20 Reps 
3️⃣ Plank Side to Side Dips: 30 Reps (15 each side) 
4️⃣ Crab Walks: 30 Reps (15 each side) 
5️⃣ Russian Twists: 30 Reps (15 each side) 
6️⃣ Squat into Calf Raises: 20 Reps 
7️⃣ Dip Kick Outs: 30 kick outs 
Perform each exercise one after the other with little to no rests. Take a 2-3 minute rest before repeating again 2 more times. Don’t hate me lol

SONG: Sergio Mendes Black Eyed Peas / Mas Que Nada WHAT A GREAT SONG 💅🏽
LA whattttsssss good! Landed and so excited to be shooting something very special with a group of very incredible women! Oooo it’s going to be a littttleee saucy. 👀💕

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So l want you to give this abs workout a go twice a week and trust me... you will feel it!


1️⃣ Balls Slams: 30 Reps 2 Sets (15 Reps Each Side)
2️⃣ Russian Twists: 30 Reps 2 Sets (15 Reps Each Side)
3️⃣ Hands to Feet: 20 Reps 2 Sets 
4️⃣ Tucks: 20 Reps 2 Sets 
Song: The Weekend | The Morning 
#absworkout #abs
Working hard, doing this for me and staying focused @toneandsculptapp
Okay so I’m thinking of booking a much needed trip. My body mind and SOUL needs some chill time..... does anyone have any suggestions on where to go ☀️ ?? P.S new YouTube vid just went live it’s a good one 👀
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you can do this at home or in the gym it’s truly up to you! Either way save this workout and try it for later and you will feel it in your glutesss so much! Honestly guys this is amazing.


1️⃣ SUPERSET: 12 sumo squats into 12 deadlift 4 sets 
2️⃣ Abductions with 3 second hold! Ooo that holds so evil. 8 each leg 4 sets 
3️⃣ Reverse Hyper extension: 20 Reps 4 Sets yep 20 reps !
4️⃣ Curtsy Step Ups: 12 Reps 3 Sets each leg!


SONG by the talented @raheembakare 
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